5 Very Quirky Cafes Across The World For Your Travel Bucketlist

From cafes where you can knit yourself a scarf to a 2D cafe and one in a graffiti tunnel, these are some of the most offbeat and interesting spaces for a cup of coffee
5 Very Quirky Cafes Across The World For Your Travel Bucketlist
5 Very Quirky Cafes Across The World For Your Travel Bucketlist
Most caf&eacutes have play it safe with their decor and setting, but some have made an exception to the rule. And people seem to love it, lining up for the immersive experience in peculiar settings. These are some of the quirkiest caf&eacutes from around the world.
Big Knit Café, Bangkok, Thailand
Love taking books to read to cafes for some quiet time Try knitting a scarf. The Big Knit Cafe in Bangkok offers guests an extensive selection of yarn in addition to their coffee. Don't quite know how to knit They also offer instruction books with clothing patterns and ideas. The yarns and needles are free to use. Across the space are shelves with cotton, bamboo, silk, and linen, along with a range of angora, merino wool, and cashmere in different colors.&nbspThe space captures the atmosphere of a cosy living room, with plenty of natural light and big, cushy pillows. Between knitting breaks, plenty of munchies are available, including homemade cakes, brewed coffees, Swiss ice cream, and a small menu of Thai and pasta delicacies.
Address 1st floor RQMALL Sukhumvit 49, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
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American Girl Café, New York, USA
Hang out here, not just with people, but with dolls too. Let your favorite doll accompany you at the café which reserves a space for your toy friend. As soon as you step in, you will be asked to choose a doll of your preference who will join you for lunch. The vast dining area is drowned in pastel purple tones, which appear stunning paired with the brightly lit decorative chandeliers. The dolls find a comfortable spot on their miniature chairs, which are attached to the side of the table. You also get pretty little cups and saucers for them which you can take home with you. Just enough variation between kid-friendly and more adult-oriented foods is provided on the menu to cater to both children and parents.  
Address 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019, United States
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Forever Rose Cafe, Dubai
Step into this cafe and you will feel like you are in the pages of a black and white book. It has been developed as a 2D illustration which makes the space look like a flat illustrated background. The monochromatic interiors mean that the bright colors of dishes really pop. The floral theme is reflected in the red rose kept on every table and in the dishes on the menu, some of which have edible flowers. Some of their lattes and ice teas are infused with rose extract. 
Address&nbspBoxpark - 467 Al Wasl Rd - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates 
Disaster Cafe, Lloret De Mar, Spain
If you fancy a simulated 7.8 earthquake with your coffee, then head here.The ground level has a restaurant which looks like a spaceship and has an alien theme. Great for kids. The earthquake spce is below ground - An elevator takes you down to the depths to a cave-like space. Here you will find the staff sporting construction helmets. The dishes the food comes in are quite heavy. &nbspApparently the place is quite popular and you have book a seat in advance. Who would have thought people would like getting their drinks spilled or thrown sideways 
The Lhong Tou Café, Bangkok, Thailand
The cafe space stands apart with distinctive double-decked bunk seats which have (quickly) gained online and offline fame. After ascending a short ladder, you can sit on level one, or the higher level. And see the entire area from a bird's eye perspective. The walls are deep green with paintings of beautiful peacocks and pink blooms, and innumerable mirrors covering the entire area. Nearly every table has Egg Lava Buns, Wonton Soup, Lhong Tou Shu Mai, and Hipster Dimsum &ndash a local sensation. Customers love their Thai Milk Tea, a highly recommended beverage.
Address 538 Yaowarat Road, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

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