Six Of The Most Bizarre Eating Experiences Across The World

So you think the setting of the meals in this year's much talked about film The Menu was bizarre Then you must check out these strange and surreal food experiences across the world
Six Of The Most Bizarre Eating Experiences Across The World
Six Of The Most Bizarre Eating Experiences Across The World

The recent and much talked about film, The Menu, focuses on a distant island where a celebrated chef creates a spectacular tasting menu alongwith some startling treats for invited guests. If you are a sucker for experiences of a similar kind, here are some dining experiences from around the world you must add to your bucketlist. 

Food In The Dark
Dining in darkness is a sensory concept that the chain of Parisian restaurants Dans Le Noir (which literally means in the dark) are hosting. Guests are served food in total darkness, a blind dining tradition where customers can&rsquot see a thing. French businessman Edouard de Broglie launched Dans Le Noir in 2004 in Paris, where other senses are enhanced by limiting the sense of sight. The starters, appetisers, desserts, and wine selections here are predominantly inspired by French cuisine, yet diners have little knowledge of their meal or what is happening in their surroundings. Everything is pitch black as you navigate this mystery zone which tests your guessing capabilities. The staff at the restaurant are either visually challenged or blind and assist the customers right from the moment they enter the premises till the second they leave. You have to physically touch and use your senses to communicate with others and dine here.
Address 51 R. Quincampoix, 75004 Paris, France
Life Is A Cabaret
London&rsquos Circus is an edgy fusion of a Pan Asian restaurant and a West End cocktail bar with a dash of glitzy cabaret to enchant customers. The idea behind Circus is to provide diners with a great evening of escapism. For more than ten years, the restaurant has been wowing crowds with a hand-picked and constantly-changing troop of fire-breathers, contortionists, hula-hoopers, and gravity-defying aerialists while serving up delectable cuisine. Diners enjoy their meals while beautifully talented artists pirouette effortlessly in suspended hoops and awe the crowd as the restaurant comes to life. Bring your friends and family to Circus London for a gourmet extravaganza with full-on amusement.
Address 27-29 Endell St, London WC2H 9BA, United Kingdom
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Grills On A Volcano
Built on a big heat source, the dining space here actually stands on nine layers of basalt rock. The El Diablo restaurant makes food in an exciting manner by cooking it on a volcanic hole in the ground, at 6 feet beneath, and bubbling lava at 400 degrees Celsius &ndash reportedly the ideal temperature for volcanically grilled steaks. Since its last eruption in 1824, this inactive volcano has quietly bubbled beneath the earth&rsquos surface, so far. In addition to its spectacular culinary techniques, El Diablo boasts a stunning view of the Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote, and a landscape that is very Martian. The &ldquoMontaas del Fuego,&rdquo or Fire Mountains, a group of about 100 island-born volcanoes that emerged in the 18th century, frame its view.
Address Monta&ntildea del Fuego, Carretera general Yaiza-Tinajo s/n, 35570, Diseminado Islote Hilario, 1, 35560 Tinajo, Las Palmas, Spain
Sensory Experiences With Food
Imagine this. A van with tinted windows arrives to pick you up and leads you to the Ultraviolet restaurant. You are then taken to a building where you find ten chairs, and a long table in a space with white walls. While you eat, you are treated to some incredible pyrotechnics of lighting and projections on the walls and on the table. The venue has the equipment to distribute specific aromas at regular intervals during your meal to heighten the sense of smell. Ultraviolet&rsquos idea is to bluff you by serving you a dish which may appear as one thing but tastes like something else. What seems like bread from the outside can be the lemon-flavored meringue for all you know. This exclusive dinner gathering engages all your senses with a 22-course meal where the d&eacutecor, setting, service, and visuals all work together.
Address Waitan, Huangpu, Shanghai, China, 200002
Medical Equipment With Your Coffee
The atmosphere of the Brunson Café is peculiar indeed. This small restaurant is housed in a former clock tower built in the Gothic revival style in 1877. The structure was known for serving as a 19th-century chemical den where science and math were taught. The café&rsquos walls have displays of old medical equipment dating back to that period and a chemistry-themed menu &ndash a delight for all the science geeks out there. And they make espresso shots and coffee on bunsen burners. 
Address Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
Dining Out In A Prison
In Volterra, Italy, lies this eatery called The Fortezza Medicea, established in the Renaissance era. It houses a high-security jail for offenders sentenced to at least seven years,&nbspand accommodates 138 dinner guests for a meal for eight nights a year. As part of a rehabilitation programme, the prison&rsquos administration started running a restaurant inside the facility in 2006. Customers have to pass through many checkpoints and a background inspection before entering here. And tables having to be reserved months in advance. There is a timeline of dinners and events that can be attended at the restaurant every year between September and June. The guests dine inside a de-consecrated chapel behind the 60 ft-high walls, with watch towers, searchlights, and surveillance cameras.
Address Rampa di Castello, 4, 56048 Volterra PI, Italy

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