Pair Your Cocktails With The Right Glass

An often overlooked aspect of a great cocktail is the glass. Glassware can make all the difference. Certain glasses are associated with certain drinks, they simply make the perfect pair. But have you ever thought to wonder why glassware matters
Pair Your Cocktails With The Right Glass
Pair Your Cocktails With The Right Glass

The glasses drinks are served in aren&rsquot just there for aesthetics, but it makes a difference to how a drink can taste. Each glass is designed to bring out certain aspects of drinks &ndash from aroma, temperature, and of course flavour. Glasses are designed to serve functionality, making the drinks all the more delicious. Despite the innovation witnessed by the rising cocktail culture in terms of new and exciting ingredients, the glass rarely changes.   

Here&rsquos some cocktails and glasses that go together like gin and tonic.


One of the most classic cocktail and glass combinations. The glass is an iconic symbol of cocktails, growing in popularity since the 1900s. Martini glasses tend to have a larger bowl and are conical at the base. A long stem and cone help to maintain the alcohol&rsquos temperature, without the need for ice. It also allows for the aroma to be enjoyed by the drinker. Though known as a martini glass, this is also ideal for serving Cosmopolitans. 


A glass that was shaped after Marie Antoinette&rsquos breast and a drink invented in Cuba make for an unlikely pairing. However, the coupe is a glass easy to hold onto and keeps the drink in even when swished around. Coupe glasses are used for cocktails that are served &ldquoup&rdquo. This means they are shaken with ice, and then served chilled &ndash ideal for stemware. Much like the martini glass, the stem allows for the drink to remain chilled. While originally the drink was served with ice in a tall glass, the switch was made to coupe and is now an iconic combination. In addition to Daiquiris, Gimlets and Manhattans are often served in coupe glasses.


The rocks glass, also known as lowball or old-fashioned glass, is short with a thick bottom. The glass is perfect for cocktails served &ldquodown&rdquo, which means they are chilled, but in a glass with no stem. These glasses make it easy to appreciate the aroma. Cocktails like Negroni tend to be more complex and taste well when slightly diluted. The ice in them helps to hold a consistent temperature. The rocks glass can serve cocktails with ice, though not a requisite. It would include a large piece of ice, which allows the drink to be savoured for a longer period of time &ndash which is why Negronis are typically served in rocks glasses. Considering this glass is also known as an Old Fashioned Glass, it makes it ideal for the cocktail to be served in it as well &ndash along with White Russians and Mai Tais.   


This glass is best known for its stem and wide bowl, or fun double bowls. These glasses can come in a range of sizes, with the smaller ones good for cocktails with no ice and the larger ones ideal for frozen margaritas. It was designed to allow for the iconic salt or sugar rim. Salt can work to enhance flavour profiles, especially when mixed with citrus. And while sugar itself is not a flavour enhancer, it can work well with various elements of the cocktail. The glass is a variation of the Champagne Coupe &ndash often used for champagne or sparkling wine.

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