Movies You Didnt Know Were Shot in India

There are a lot of Indian movies that are shot in foreign locations but these are some Hollywood movies that you probably didnt know were shot in India
This David Fincher masterpiece starring Brad Pitt was shot on the Assi ghat of Varanasi
This David Fincher masterpiece starring Brad Pitt was shot on the Assi ghat of Varanasi

The obsession of celebrities with India is very well-documented. Be it the grand-scale wedding of Heidi Klum or the apparent enlightenment that the Beatles found in Varanasi, India has always fascinated those from across the Pacific. A lot of Hollywood films shot on location in India have generated quite a bit of buzz, but there are also some really popular ones that you might not know were shot here.

The Jungle Book &ndash&nbspThe 1994 version of Disney&rsquos beloved movie about a wild boy and his animal friends was shot in parts in Jodhpur. While Jodhpur is a favourite for foreign celebrities as a wedding destination, it is rare that Hollywood filmmakers choose this as a filming spot. The Mehrangarh Fort, built in the 15th century, is the fortress that was shown in the movie.

The Hundred-Foot Journey-&nbspWhat better way to show Indian culture than through food A lot of The Hundred-Foot Journey was shot in Mumbai. Om Puri and Helen Mirren&rsquos feud over food is a delight to watch along with strong performances from the supporting casts. This is a film that celebrates the triumph of good food over any social and cultural differences that may arise. 

Zero Dark Thirty-&nbspThe hunt for Osama Bin Laden immortalised in Kathryn Bigelow&rsquos intense, gritty thriller was shot in India. At least some parts of it. The scenes from Abbottabad and Lahore in Pakistan where Bin Laden was killed, were actually shot in Chandigarh. 

A Mighty Heart- This Angelina Jolie starrer also had scenes that depicted Karachi in Pakistan, where a Wall Street reporter is kidnapped by terrorists. For safety reasons, those scenes were shot mostly in Pune, although some parts were filmed in Pakistan as well.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-&nbspVaranasi has for long been a favourite of the Western folk, with movies like Eat, Pray Love glamourising the sacred ghats. This David Fincher masterpiece starring Brad Pitt was shot on the Assi ghat of Varanasi for the later scenes where Benjamin Button is touring India. 

The Dark Knight Rises-&nbspAnother rare Jodhpur shooting Christopher Nolan&rsquos last instalment in his immensely popular Batman series was shot in Jodhpur&rsquos Mehrangarh Fort, which was fashioned as the dingy underground prison where Bruce Wayne was locked.

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