Enjoy The Summer Sun In These Places Even During Winter Months

If the winter season leaves you gloomy, it's time to start planning a trip to one of these destinations across India
Goa during December and January is a perfect getaway to enjoy the sun
Goa during December and January is a perfect getaway to enjoy the sun

Winter brings along its own set of adventures that many travellers take to, but it may not be everybody's cup of tea&ndashmany still yearn for the sun's warm glow through the winter season. If you prefer beaches over snow-capped mountains and If the cold weather isn't your cup of tea either, then sipping on a pina colada at one of these warm places that still enjoys the summer sun during peak winter months may be your vibe 


Goa may be the most obvious name that comes to mind when you think of escaping the wrath of winter, but for all the right reasons. Here, even in January and December, the sun shines bright enough to give you just the perfect beach tan. However, since evenings can turn windy, you may need to layer a light jacket. 


If you want to head to a warm destination but not to a beach per se, Kabini brings forth a different experience. Surrounded by dense forests, it is the perfect place to explore Karnataka's rich flora and fauna. Apart from jungle safaris, you could also go trekking, birdwatching, or immerse yourself in the luxurious experiences that many eco-stays offer. 


The ancient city of Madurai, which also once served as the capital of the Hindu Pandayan dynasty, is dotted with colourful and extravagant temples. If you want to plan a historical escapade, Madurai should be on your radar. Moreover, the winter months are perhaps the best time to explore the temple city as the weather is primarily temperate, with more-or-less pleasant evenings.


Located about 16 km from Kottayam, Kumarakom is set at the shore of Vembanad Lake. This backwater village promises a serene stay&ndashhere, you can enjoy sailing across the expansive backwaters while enjoying panoramic views of coconut trees standing tall along the shore. If you enjoy birdwatching and losing yourself in the wilderness, you can also stroll through the bird sanctuary. 


Badami boasts a history richer than most&ndashit used to be the capital of the Chalukyan empire between 543 AD and 757 AD. Now, tourists visit to witness the unique architecture of the rock-cut cave temples that date centuries ago. If you plan a trip to Badami, you must also visit Aihole and Pattadakal to see more of the magnificent Chalukyan remains. 

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