7 Ways To Discover The Coromandel Coast In Tamil Nadu

Azure waters, clear skies, and shimmering sands, beach lovers will love these experiences along the coast in Tamil Nadu
7 Ways To Discover The Coromandel Coast In Tamil Nadu
7 Ways To Discover The Coromandel Coast In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is home to the best&ndashbe it food, temples or art. It is no surprise that it also has the best picturesque and pristine beaches in India. Here, no one beach is like the other&ndashthe shades of blue differ, the sky doesn't look the same, and the sun shines differently. Yet, at every beach, the feeling of being one with nature and your soul is the same. If you're visiting Tamil Nadu, don't leave without planning a trail through these beaches lined along the coast.

Unwind At Marina Beach 

What the Taj Mahal is to Agra, Marina Beach is to Chennai&ndashit's not merely a part of the city, but rather its very essence and heart. If there's a spot that could define Chennai, it would be this beach, stretching across 13 km. 

Its relevance is not new-found as it was extremely crucial during the pre-Independence era for enabling trade. But now, it serves a more leisurely purpose for Chennaites and others who visit the city. You can find families bonding over a game of ludo, kids playing along the shore, and friends making memories of a lifetime as the sun sets. 

Get Your Adrenaline Fix At Covelong or Kovalam Beach  

If you want to experience the thrill of water sports like surfing, windsurfing, and parasailing, this beach is the best playground for you. Located 40 km from Chennai, in the port town of Covelong, which falls en route Mahabalipuram, it is a stop worth adding to your road trip along the scenic route. 

This pristine seashore has also earned the Blue Flag certification&ndasha recognition by the Foundation of Environmental Education, awarded to beaches that meet its set of sustainability requirements. Therefore, its exciting waters and shiny shores don&rsquot just attract thrill-seekers, but also beach lovers from all over the country. 

Experience Heritage At Mahabalipuram Beach  

A visit to the historically rich city of Mahabalipuram would be incomplete without spending time along the shore of the stunningly vast beach. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, this is where the British realised South India's potential as a significant trading region during the colonial era. Sitting here, you'd not just feel surrounded by history but also heritage, as temples recognised by UNESCO dot the area around the beach.  

From the lofty Lighthouse that overlooks the coast to enigmatic monuments like the Shore Temple, Arjuna Penance and the Pancha Rathas that surround the area&ndashthere&rsquos a lot to explore on your trip here. The best to do so would be to spend the day reeling in the city&rsquos cultural heritage, and then unwinding at the beach during sunset. 

Go Back In Time at Poompuhar Beach  

Located in the ancient port city along the Bay of Bengal, Poompuhar beach combines the best of beauty and history. Regarded to be the flourishing capital of the Chola Empire once, the beach is always brimming with tourists visiting to experience serenity and timelessness. It boasts of jaw-dropping beauty as much as it does of cultural richness.  

Get Your A(dventure) Game On At Rameswaram Beach  

Although this offbeat destination is located on Pamban Island at Rameswaram, you can easily reach it by road. Whether you like to sit quietly and watch waves crash for hours on end or dive deep into them, this beach makes for the perfect spot. With children's parks around, food stalls dishing out mouth-watering local cuisine to go with the view, and thrilling water sports activities (like scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, jet-skiing, yachting, and more) to choose from&ndashthis beach strikes a chord with everybody.  

&nbspSoak In Divinity At Agni Teertham Beach  

This beach is steeped in history, reverence, and charm. It holds spiritual value for folks from different parts of the country. The story of this beach is mentioned in the epic tale of Ramayana&ndash it is said that this is where Lord Agni bathed and prayed to Lord Shiva after helping Sita prove her purity to Lord Rama by sitting within a ring of fire. The beach has earned its name and recognition amongst disciples as holy from this lore. Although many visit this beach for its sanctity, you can also find people coming here to experience the serenity it offers.  

Watch The Day Go By At Kanniyakumari Beach  

Kanniyakumari &nbspbeach is an all-in-one destination with a mesmerising view and great architectural wonders surrounding it, like the enormous statue of Thiruvalluvar (the celebrated Tamil poet) and the Vivekananda Rock, which you can reach by hailing a ferry from the port. 

Standing on this coast, you can also witness the magical confluence of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea. The best way to soak in the brilliance of this spot would be to catch the sunset or the sunrise.  

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