Change The Way Food is Served, Switch to Chuk

A made-in-India sustainable solution for your on-the-go food serving needs.

India has seen a whopping 73 per cent growth in the eco-friendly products market over the last five to seven years, according to a recent study conducted by a global marketing company, TerraChoice. In this era of heightened awareness towards biodegradability and eco-consciousness, many delivery apps are looking at options for delivering food in eco-friendly containers.

Business establishments serving food can now hop onto the new environment-friendly trend by switching to products made by Chuk, a packaging and serving solution brand that is changing the face of the food service industry.  

Imagine throwing something away and knowing it will help the world. Chuk has introduced 100 per cent compostable food delivery containers. The products are made using sugarcane pulp called bagasse. After its due usage, the product turns into compost within 180 days.

These delivery containers come in four sizes with snug-fit lids 350 ml,
500 ml, 750 ml, and 1000 ml. They can be used to pack soups, instant noodles, thick gravies, dals, combo meals, and much more. A unique lock-in feature makes the product leakage-proof. All you need to do is press the container and lid together from inside the rim, ensuring all sides are locked. 

Chuk containers are safe to use in the microwave, freezer and oven. The product is bleach-free and doesn't dissolve into the food even after long storage, making the food safe to consume. But, most importantly, they are Made in India. Chuk is manufactured by Yash Pakka which is a leading global regenerative packaging company with presence across the globe.

Chuk's vision is to let the world eat safely. With a range of food service products made from sugarcane pulp, the containers can serve food without delivering a dose of carcinogens with your meal. The modular design allows you to save money, making it cost-effective. 

The products are made of 100 per cent agri-residue, so it all returns to nature. Ninety per cent of the material comes from locally sourced agricultural waste. What used to be burned is now turned into valuable packaging that doesn't damage the planet and people. 

Global Recognition

Chuk has been acknowledged with the highest design award from Red Dot Germany, Good Design in Japan, India design and NCII.

You can reach out to the amazing
Chuk team at or
call 1800-123-0086

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