Tranquebar Diaries Of Singing Waves And Danish Delight

A six-hour drive from Chennai, lies the town of Tranquebar, which was once a settlement of the Danes that boasts of a quiet life and Danish ruins is now amongst the most preferred off-beat beach destinations
 The Danish Fort
The Danish Fort

'Singing Waves'

Before the Danes renamed it, the quiet town of Tranquebar was called "Tharangambad" which means 'land of the singing waves'. Situated on the Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu, the Danes settled here when they first arrived in India way back in the 17th century. They had solid control of their colony for over 200 years until they lost power and the British took over in 1845. Interestingly, this town went on to become the first trading post for pepper in India. If one was to revisit pages of history, it is believed when Admiral Ove Giedde arrived at this place, he fell in love with its beauty. Since then, he began his love affair with the coastal town. 

Paradise For The Slow-Traveller

One can easily assume that there may not be much for the tourist but don't be mistaken Tranquebar has much to offer when it comes to historical attractions, and it is, without a doubt, a paradise for the slow-traveller. 

Fort Dansborg This is the second largest Danish fort built after Kronborg in Helsingor. This fort, which can be found standing tall across the coastline, reflects the colonial architecture that was once a thriving settlement in the region. Over time, parts of this fort has been reconstructed. Legend has it that during the end of their rule, the Danish ran into financial losses and sold metal doors from the rooms of this fort to mould them into weapons. 

Tranquebar Museum From old Danish manuscripts, daggers and swords among other antiques, this museum houses objects that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries belonging to the Vijayanagara empire and Thanjavur Nayak kingdom. You cannot miss this one if you are a history buff. 

Zieganbalg museum This museum is a treat to the eyes for anyone who loves to visit museums. Here, you will see the ancient printing press that dates back to 1834 which still reflects wooden letters and black ink. It is believed the world's first Tamil bible was printed here. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Tuesday&nbspto Saturday&nbspand on Sunday&nbsp3-6 p.m. It is closed on Monday

New Jerusalem Church This church was built in 1718 by the Royal Danish missionary and is located on King Street. During the tsunami of 2004, the church and other buildings of the Tranquebar Mission were damaged and re-consecrated in 2006.

Danish Delight There are several other sites once can explore in the town of Tranquebar, like, the Governor's bungalow, the Tsunami Memorial, the Masilla Nathar Temple, the Zion Church, the Tranquebar Post Office which dates back to 1884 among other places. 

Travel To Tranquebar And Get Lost In Time

If you are a history buff, a laid-back traveller and want to epxlore off-beat beach destinations, you must take a trip to Tranquebar to get lost in time. Given that this is a warm coastal town, temperatures vary from 21 to 36 degrees. 

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