Gift a Box of Technicolour Cookies This Valentine's Day

We LOVE a good cookie at Le15. Theres nothing more comforting than eating a freshly-baked one. Its almost a hug to the soul.
Gift a Box of  Technicolour Cookies This Valentine's Day
Gift a Box of Technicolour Cookies This Valentine's Day

The much celebrated Mumbai-based patisserie, Le15, has lined up a new range of delicious treats perfect to gift someone on Valentine's Day.

For years, Chef Pooja Dhingra and her team have been trying to perfect their cookie recipe so that it could be packaged. With each trial, they got closer and closer to their ideal cookie. The four amazing new cookies are available for pre-orders on Le15 Patisserie&rsquos website - so order a box now.

There&rsquos nothing better than a dessert that reminds you of your childhood, and these cookies do just that. The Crunchy Toffee Cookie takes you on a trip down memory lane with the taste of butterscotch and cashews. To add to this nostalgic combination, the coarse sea salt and cornflakes create a modern texture. With big flavours, crunch and sass, there&rsquos nothing that could make a cookie more perfect. Inspired by the creamy pineapple cakes we ate as kids, the Brown Butter Pineapple Cookie is made with almond and corn flakes and mixed with candied pineapple pieces. Topped with a white chocolate drizzle, this cookie is a cute twist on the classic dessert. Who wouldn&rsquot want a taste of that

Taking a step into the technicolour world are Le15&rsquos Signature Pink Cookies which are made with cherries, almonds, and corn flakes. The best part is that they&rsquore pink. The Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies are pre indulgence with a rich and delectable combination of dark chocolate and hazelnut enhanced with a hint of sea salt. Good day or bad, these cookies are all anyone will need.

With subtle variations and rich notes, this cookie collection is made with carefully curated ingredients.

Order them here.

Price Brown Butter Pineapple Cookie and Signature Pink Cookie - Rs 350. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies and Crunchy Toffee Cookies - Rs 325. For a box of 4 - Rs1,250. (number of cookies per box is 6, except for Crunchy Toffee Cookie Box which consists of 8). 

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