With Specially Curated Experiences, CROSSROADS Maldives has Set Itself Apart in the World of Hospitality

Sun, sand and serenity - there is nothing that Maldives cant offer to all those who seek respite from the cacophony of the world. Adding to the charm of this beautiful country is a resort that spells luxury in bold.
CROSSROADS Maldives consists of nine reclaimed interconnected islands that stretch across seven kilometers
CROSSROADS Maldives consists of nine reclaimed interconnected islands that stretch across seven kilometers

Reimagining the dynamic and imagery of hospitality in the island nation is CROSSROADS Maldives, a destination that boasts nine reclaimed interconnected islands that stretch across seven kilometers. Conceptualized by Thailand-based realty developer Singha Estate PCL, the property - intended to be the largest development project of its kind in the Indian Ocean - has developed two islands that offer all comforts that the mind seeks.

Put up your feet and find yourself gazing peacefully at the vast oceanic expanse at the SAii Lagoon Maldives, Curio&nbspCollection by Hilton, resort concept that serves as the perfect getaway for partners, families, and friends alike. Pick&nbspan overwater villa to unwind in your own personal space coupled with stylish alfresco spaces and a staircase that&nbspaffords you an easy dip into the ocean.

For those who wish to live it up Hollywood style, sans the paparazzi, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is the place to be The ageless spirit of music is omnipresent and infused in every experience at this sprawling 178-key nest of energy,with an outdoor deck with sun loungers, infinity pools, waterfall shower and a floating breakfast to boot. And when you&rsquore done soaking in the sun, head out to add spice to your night in Maldives&rsquo lively music scene, and raise the roof with weekly DJ, karaoke nights and pool parties

The Marina @ CROSSROADS offers a bridge to heavenly fun, with activities that would hook you from the get go It hosts the first luxury yacht marina in Maldives with as many as thirty berths. No trip to Maldives would be complete if you did not enjoy the azure blue of the Indian Ocean, teeming with light and life that sets it apart as an extraordinary paradise. Book a day out to the deep blue from an array of chartered cruises to see exotic marine wildlife, or watch the sunset on the water, bringing to life a kaleidoscope of colours.

For those who seek retail therapy, the Marina doubles up as a shoppers&rsquo paradise, with a slice of boutique chic on display at its meandering shopping avenue in the heart of the island. But if wellness is on your mind, experience tranquility at Rock Spa® that offers relaxation with a musical twist or L&egraven Be Well, where you can indulge in the ultimate pampering session after a day out in the sun.

CROSSROADS Maldives also affords the flexibility to explore to your heart&rsquos content, especially if your heart seeks culinary delights. It is 11,000 square-metres of pure indulgence with world-class dining offerings that include eateries, cafes and bars. Enjoy an extraordinary culinary journey that combines the richness of local specialities with flavours from around the world. Go &lsquorestaurant hopping&rsquo and dig into the legendary Sri Lankan Mud Crab at the Ministry of Crab Maldives, or satisfy your palate at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe.

You also feast on Cantonese cuisine at Jiao Wu or even relish an authentic Japanese experience by the sea at Nihonbashi Blue, which houses Maldives&rsquos first Tatami seating area. And if the desi foodie in you craves Indian food, there&rsquos that too at Kebab & Kurry, and more such specialist restaurants that make for a great culinary spread

Often, luxury resorts don&rsquot offer a glimpse into the traditional culture and history of a place. But CROSSROADS Maldives allows for immersive pitstops where you&rsquod want to lay over forever. It has its own Maldives Discovery Center, which takes you on a trip back in time to narrate the tale of the extraordinary culture and heritage of the islands. Sustainability is at the heart of everything at CROSSROADS Maldives at the Marine Discovery Centre, implore the environmentalist in you to learn about coral propagation projects or engage in activities such as tuna discovery scuba diving, snorkelling and coral nursery exploration.

If you like to rest your weary soul at quiet beaches, or get your party suits on at pool parties go pub-hopping or give your wallet an exercise with some shopping even if you want the best of both these worlds - possibilities are endless at CROSSROADS Maldives.

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