Love The Road Cycle Away In These Indian Cities

Connect with your childhood love for cycles across these cycle-friendly cities in India
A cyclist riding on a mountain road
A cyclist riding on a mountain road

Remember the uncontrollable happiness that took over you when your first bike sat in front of you How excited you were to just get on and ride like there's no tomorrow. Cycling was an essential part of our childhoods - we couldn't wait to go down to the park. As we grew older though, our favourite past-time became an anomaly with assignments at school rarely giving us time to hop on our bikes and go on a ride. Well, it might not be too late to reignite those happy occasions from your younger days. Cycling has recently seen an increase with travellers exploring new ways to discover the nook and cranny of a location. Recall moments from your childhood while unravelling the secrets of these rapidly growing metropolitan from across India. 


You'd be surprised by the numerous ways in which you can experience the Temple City of India. One of the cleanest cities in the country, the best way to grab the feel of Bhubaneswar is by cycling through its bustling neighborhoods. With almost 400 cycle parking stations spread across the city it is quite to easy to find yourself a ride through this buzzing metropolitan. If you are still having difficulty in finding a parking station, download the Mo Cycle&nbspApp which will give you an accurate description of how many bicycles are parked in each station. To book a cycle however, you'll have to download separate apps of any of the companies providing cycles. "Hexi" and "Yulu" are two apps which you can download beforehand from where you can book yourself a cycle. So, hop on and pave your own path through the sacred lanes of Bhubaneswar's Old City while coming face to face with some gripping historical sites. 


Pune's gorgeous landscape and serene weather make it often the perfect getaway from the unrelenting life of Mumbai. From its slow-paced way of life to its undeniable historical significance, Pune is the perfect blend of crazy, culture, and calm. Explore what was once Shivaji Maharaja's hometown by cycling through the heart of this Maharashtrian bastion. Together with Zoomcar, PEDL,  is reponsible for starting the cycle sharing system in Pune with a promise of giving the city a green makeover. You can book yourself a cycle on the Zoomcar website.  


As the first thought of Udaipur comes to mind, words like majestic, regal, elegant pop to mind. The city of Maharajas is one of the prime destinations in the country. Culturally rich and steeped deep in history books, Udaipur's Rajputana traditions are one of its major highlights. Numerous organizations run tours of the city with options to traverse through its countryside and old city. Unravel its narrow passages, stunning lush green farmlands, and breathtaking views on your cycle tour of this Rajasthani city. Book yourself a tour here


The IT Capital of the nation serves a wide array of individuals from different walks of life. While the city's parks and nightlife often steal the spotlight, it is the multicultural and religious character that make it a must visit. The Silicon Valley of India well-known for its exuberance and hustling life is also an extremely cycle friendly city. From its many temples, mosques, and churches to the parks and theater, Bengaluru has something for everyone. To cycle your way through the capital of Karnataka, download the MOBYCY&nbspapp. Active in 5 areas of the city (Christ University, Village Hypermarket, Tavarekre, Punjab Grill Restaurant (Adugodi), Income Tax Department (Koramangala) - get ready for your very own joyride through this high-tech city.


Once a French colony, Puducherry has come a long way. Surrounded by Tamil Nadu it is therefore no surprise that majority of its culture is influenced by its neighbours. Extraordinarily though, French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the Union Territory (UT). The Promenade Beach, Matrimandir, Sri Aurobindo Ashram are some locations where you can delve into the heart of the UT. Grab yourself a tour of this unique destination here.

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