Quirk It Up In Australia

Take a break from supporting the Indian team on their tour of Australia by indulging in these off-beat activities and visiting the lesser explored sections of the country.
A single tree catches the last light at dusk in the Kakadu National Park
A single tree catches the last light at dusk in the Kakadu National Park

The Virat Kohli-led Indian Cricket team travel to down under looking for a first series win in Australia. With the Indians cruising and coming off of strong performances from against the West Indies, expectations are high that the national team will dominate the baggy greens. If you happen to be a cricket fan and are following the Indian team around the vast Australian landscape, there are a host of activities to indulge in during your time away from the stadiums. So, for the adventurer in you, here are a list of quirky things that all of you can partake in. 

See Aboriginal Rock Art in Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu's National Park, which is renowned for the richness of its Aboriginal cultural sites, has been occupied by the tribal group for over 40,000 years. Thus, unsurprisingly, there are nearly 5,000 recorded locations within the confines of this UNESCO World Heritage site. There are paintings upto 20,000 years old providing an eye-catching recount of the life of the Aboriginals - an account of the animals the tribal hunt and the objects they use. Rock galleries at Ubirr and Burrungkuy are home to naturalistic paintings of animals, traditional x-ray art, and narration of Aboriginal contact with the early European explorers.

Take a Stroll along the Great Ocean Walk  

It is time for you to ditch the road and follow this walking trail located on Victoria's south-west coast of the nation. Stretching from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead, the 104 kilometer long trail passes through the gorgeous Otway National Park. A word of caution for those indulging in this fabulous activity - the walk gets more difficult as it approaches the rugged terrains of Ryan's Den with some so dangerous that they cannot be navigated through during high tides. On the walk, keep an eye out for adorable koalas, fascinating snakes of different kinds, and the unusual echidas. Plan your walk here.

Surf the Waves in Bondi

A hugely popular beach in the bustling metropolitan of Sydney, Bondi Beach is your destination if you wish to be the king of the waves. With sharks lurking nearby, Bondi beach holds a never heard of enchantment among brave-hearts. The warm weather is a perfect, irresistible motivator for those who wish to ride the ferocious waves of Bondi. Book yourself an instructor to learn surfing here

Blue Lake or is it 

A highly intriguing location, the lake at Mount Gambier in South Australia was formed from an ancient meteorite crater. What's even more captivating is that the Blue Lake isn't really blue throughout the year. At this time of the year, the lake will stay in its natural color until the end of March. But, as April wears on, the lake turns into a grey for the rest of the year until November. One of the lesser known locations from down under, it is surrounded by walking trails which give you a better view of the Blue Lake. 

Adventuring Through the Horizontal Waterfalls  

We told you we were going to give you a list of quirky activities to do and if this doesn't sound out-there, then we don't know what does. Located in the Kimbereley region of the Western Australia, the horizontal falls are a mind-boggling aspect in the area. It is possible to ride a boat through it, although you will truly experience the rough seas quite possibly like never before. So, if you are into firsts, this should definitely be on your bucket list.  

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