5 Countries That Offer Visa-On-Arrival To Indians

While most countries require that Indians apply for a visa in advance, here are 5 nations that you can plan an out-of-the-blue trip to
View of the rock formation formed by erosion through thousands of years in Petra
View of the rock formation formed by erosion through thousands of years in Petra

Say you're a budding traveller looking to make your way to other parts of the world in an unplanned, completely spontaneous trip. Where do you go While European nations require a pre-approved visa as do many other gorgeous locations around the globe, there are few hidden gems out there where you'll get an on-arrival visa. These nations may not be on your wish-list yet, but they are one-of-a-kind and deserve some attention. 


The 115-island country located in heart of the Indian Ocean is a paradise for nature lovers. With dense forests and crystal clear waters dominating its geography, Seychelles' unbelievable beauty is sure to leave you in awe. A trip to Mahe, the largest island in this archipelago, should top your list of things to do. Its white-sand beaches, granite peaks, and the rainforested Morne Seychellois are one-of-a-kind. After basking in the vibrant Seychellen sun on Mahe, go to La Digue's Veuve Nature Reserve to see the observe the diverse wildlife of this country.

Indians can obtain a visa for maximum 30 days on arrival in Seychelles. To obtain a visa, they must possess a return ticket along with proof of accomodation and a fund of USD 150 per person per day.


A little closer to home, Nepal has recently seen a meteoric rise in tourism. Accessible through car, you should definitely visit the city of Pokhara, located on the Phewa Lake. Known as the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, which is a popular trail leading upto the Himalayas, Pokhara's Tal Barahi Temple should not be missed out on. The 2-story pagoda sits on an island in the city dedicated to Goddess Durga. Also, plan a trip to Bhaktapur, meaning the place of devotees, which is known for its various temples. From Nyatapola to Changu Narayan, witness the domineering influence of Hinduism and Buddhism in this country.

Indians travelling to Nepal are required to bring any one the following documents passport, driving license, Election Commission Card or a photo identity card issued by the Government (PAN/ AADHAR) 

They will be given a visa for maximum for 150 days.


Located close to Madagascar, this island nation is a melting point of four major communities - Indo-Mauritians, Franco-Mauritians, Afro-Mauritians, and Sino-Mauritians. The tiny village of Chamarel is glorious with its seven coloured layers of sand a major attraction. Surrounded by sugarcane and pineapple plantations, the lush greens are sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind. Home to rare species of plants, the stunning beauty of the island is sure to leave you astounded.

Indians can get a visa for maximum 60 days on arrival, provided they can confirm their accomodation, a sponsorship letter, a return ticket, and funds for expenses during their stay.


This middle eastern nation has several biblical attractions that attract pilgrims from all over the world. Petra in the red-hot desert was the capital of a thriving Arabian civilisation. Its rock-cut temples and treasuries dating back to the 4th century BC are an absolute marvel. The ruined city of Jerash, just north of capital Amman, holding churches from the Byzantine Empire with towering colonnades are a fascinating sight. Follow that up with a visit to the Dead Sea, the world's lowest sea body, which is surrounded by mountains and sand dunes. 

Those coming to Jordan will be granted a visa of 2-weeks for a fee of USD 30. They must carry USD 1000 and a return ticket confirming their departure from the country.


From one end of Asia all the way deep into Oceania to the island nation of Fiji, where Indian influence is largely visible. Once you land in Suva, take a cab to the forested foothills of Sabeto Range. Consisting of an orchard range, this is where popular movies like the Garden of the Sleeping Giant were shot. A hike awaits you here. See the water cascade from over 60-feet into an emerald pool which can easily be reached by following a flat, grassy trail. 

To visit Fiji, a passport valid for over 6 months beyond the intended day of stay is required. A confirmed return ticket along with sufficient funds are a must. Visas will be granted upto 4 months of stay.

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