A New Museum In New York Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Walk on walls, flip yourself into a seamless headstand and serve a head on a platterits all tricks and treats for the senses at the Museum of Illusions
Defy gravity at the Rotated Room
Defy gravity at the Rotated Room

Want to defy gravity Or maybe bounce off walls You don&rsquot have to go quite as far as the moon&mdashyou can just hop on over to the Museum of Illusions instead. New York City&rsquos latest addition to the cultural scene is a museum that will make your eyes pop in wonder.

The new Museum of Illusions harbours exhibits that are filled with optical illusions, puzzles and visual tricks, each more puzzling than the other. &lsquoThe Rotated Room&rsquo lets you appear to walk on walls and even do the rather impressive handstand, while you can &lsquoclone yourself&rsquo into hundred of versions with the gallery of mirrors inside the &lsquoInfinity Room&rsquo.

Remember the popular exhibit at the National Science Centre in Delhi where your head would seem to be floating away from the body Experience something of the kind at the &lsquoHead on the Platter&rsquo exhibit, and lose yourself in the room of Holograms.

The museum is for adults and children alike. Apart from being a whole lot of fun, each installation is an educational lesson in the application of mathematics and science, giving insight into how the brain perceives information and why we see things the way we do. There are additional games in the playroom to further toy with these concepts.

Wondering if you can capture any of these cool visual tricks The answer is a roaring yes. A very Instagram-friendly museum, there is none of the stay-away-from-the-glass business here, please. Visitors are encouraged, and even asked to interact with all objects here.

The museum is part of a franchise. The first one was in Zagreb in Croatia, and it then went on to Dubai, Slovenia, Germany, Greece, and other countries around the world. We can expect to see the museum pop up soon in Kansas City in the US, in Toronto, Canada, in Amsterdam and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as well

Don't we all wish for a place where our imagination is set free and we can be childlike again This museum is that and a 100x times more.

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