Sly Granny Is Khan Market's Latest Obsession

The latest restaurant in south Delhi's Khan Market is a treat for gastronomes
The quirky interiors of Sly Granny in Khan Market
The quirky interiors of Sly Granny in Khan Market

Grilled peaches with brie on sourdough&mdashif I had to look at the menu and order at a restaurant that would be one dish I&rsquod never think of getting. I don&rsquot particularly favour sweet and savoury together. But I was honestly taken aback at the very first bite. It was an explosion of flavours&mdashcrunchy and sourness from the bread with honey and mustard butter, the sweetness from the grilled peaches, the earthiness of the brie they all combined so well together that it&rsquos no secret the dish is one of the most-ordered at Sly Granny. &ldquoIt&rsquos a customer favourite,&rdquo I&rsquom told as I kept taking bites, till both pieces were well-settled in the tummy.

Sly Granny opened about two months ago in Khan Market, having come all the way from Bengaluru. And it&rsquo become one of the most popular places in the south Delhi market. We went on a Monday night and not a single seat (38 covers) was empty. People came and left just thinking about the wait time.

The interiors are quirky enough. Spread over two floors, they restaurant doesn&rsquot shy away from printed wallpapers, brass furnishings, an odd collection of photographs including of Arnold Schwarzenegger&rsquos with flexed muscles(), dim lighting and extremely comfortable blue sofas. Call it odd or quirky, but the ambience is extremely comforting and snug for a first-time visitor.

As a G&ampT fan, the posh version with cucumber, rosemary, juniper berries and basil is extremely satisfying. Then came one dish after the other in tasting portions. The menu is an amalgamation of various cuisines&mdashgnocchi to enchiladas, but every dish has its own twists and turns.  

The deconstructed cheese toast is well worth a try. Mascarpone and ricotta in quenelles, melba toast, a frightfully tasty tomato chutney, onion jam and picked cucumbers is definitely a pleasing platter to share. The barley salad is an import from their Bengaluru restaurant and is equally popular here. Made with barley (but of course), orange and pomegranate jewels, the twist comes with a tempering of nigella seeds, peanuts and curry leaves mixed in. So simple and yet so delicious, we wonder why we haven&rsquot thought of the combinations before.

Their shrimps from Barcelona made in a Spanish style with olive oil, garlic and chilli was a reminder from various trips to the beautiful country. Plump shrimps coated with the other ingredients and crusty bread to dip and soak in the flavours is worth an order.

I&rsquom not a fan of biscuits and gravy. I&rsquove tried but unfortunately buttermilk biscuits and I haven&rsquot been able to find anything in common, yet. However, the gravy bit is utterly delicious. Bacon, sausage and sage together is a recipe for success. Nicole&rsquos pasta is on point. Al dente pasta with roasted garlic, broccoli and parmesan is simple, yet so very satisfying you&rsquod want to lick the plate clean. Unfortunately such behaviour is frowned upon in public. The black pepper salmon is another very popular order but personally, the fish was slightly overcooked. Not in an unforgivable manner but yet, not expected with almost every other dish on the table cooked to perfection.

As a dark chocolate lover to fellow chocoholics, try the lava cake. Moist, decadent yet dark with a salted caramel, cutting into it will definitely be an Instagram-worthy shot. We are also served a parcel of filo and brie, doused with honey and scattered pecans. Lovely and divine but a tad too sweet for me.

Stuffed and so sure of eating nothing for the next three days, I wondered why I&rsquod delayed my visit for so long. Work commitments and trips were reasons enough but the wait was worth it. Not just the intriguing name, but the well-thought marriage of flavours is their recipe for the win.

Contact Sly Granny, Khan Market in New Delhi. 91-11-49058941

Pocket pinch Rs 2,500 for two (without alcohol and taxes)

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