Why You Must Try The Eggs Kejriwal

Born in a Bombay Gymkhana, the Eggs Kejriwal is a dish best served with a dash of green chillies and a side of politics
Why You Must Try The Eggs Kejriwal
Why You Must Try The Eggs Kejriwal

&ldquoI&rsquoll have what they&rsquore having.&rdquo

Most people falter at the sight of a long menu. The pressure to find a perfect dish is insurmountable, and as the server circles around your table for the third time, you crack and pick the first thing you see. No wonder, that when your truffle garlic fries actually arrives, it&rsquos less than satisfactory and you find yourself drooling at what the table next to yours ordered.

A series of similar events (probably) took place in the 1960&rsquos in Bombay, when a regular customer, Mr Devi Prasad Kejriwal would visit the Willingdon Gymkhana. He would order a rather specific egg-dish, consisting of bread bathed with butter, cheese, eggs on top and a lot of green chillies. As the dish looked delicious, people around him began eyeing it and soon, since it was off the menu, requesting if they could have &ldquowhat Kejriwal is having.&rdquo Soon enough, it found a permanent place within the menu cards of the club and came to be known as Eggs Kejriwal.

When it comes to Mumbai&rsquos food scene, the usual suspects are the vada pav, the pav bhaji and even the pani puri. In the past few years, however, when an unrelated political figure came to power, uncannily, the Eggs Kejriwal too rose from the underbelly of the city and became popular.

This simple but delicious dish is no longer available in just Willingdon, but in many gymkhanas across Mumbai. Popular restaurants in the city have adapted the dish on their menu, too, making it available to non-gymkhana members. This includes restaurants such as The Bombay Canteen, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Jamjar diner, and the Delhi Club House in India, and even travelled as far as Chef Floyd Cardoz Paowalla (now Bombay Bread House) in New York.

Everyone has tweaked the recipe a little to add a twist to it, whether changing the slice of bread for fancier brioche bread at Delhi Club House, or adding a layer of chutney to spice it up further at The Bombay Canteen or laying the fried egg only on top of a bed of mushrooms at The Nutcracker. &nbspAlthough the dish hasn&rsquot quite the appeal of an Eggs Benedict or even Florentine, there&rsquos something about eggs, bread and cheese that simply has a charm of its own.

As for next time, you now know what to order. 

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