India Ford Mustang

The iconic Ford Mustang is all set to hit Indian roads by this year
India Ford Mustang

If sex were a car, it would have to be the Ford Mustang. The original, the Ford Mustang I, was a concept car birthed in the Swinging Sixties. A consumer version finally hit the road in April, 1964, and got dubbed by Mustang fans as the &lsquo1964½&rsquo (although its official moniker was the 1965 Mustang). The pony car has ruled the heads and hearts of auto&shymobile enthusiasts ever since (Ford has sold more than 9 million of them and, lest we forget, it&rsquos the world&rsquos most-liked vehicle on Facebook) and is now in its voluptuous sixth generation. And now it gallops into India. Launched ahead of the Auto Expo 2016, the car is expected to hit Indian roads in the second half of the year. While drawing on its rich heritage, the Mustang also comes packed with a slew of hi-tech features. The clean-sheet design evokes the essential character of the brand, retaining key elements like the long sculpted hood and short rear deck. The cockpit is aviation inspired and the throaty 5.0-liter V8 engine, which yields more than 420 horsepower, should have you flying in no time.

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