Outlook Traveller--s Indian Responsible Tourism Awards 2016

Join us in our unique endeavour to make tourism more responsible with India--s first RT awards
Outlook Traveller--s Indian Responsible Tourism Awards 2016

Be responsible, be a winner

What&rsquos the point of good work if it goes unnoticed If no one learns from it And so it is with great pride&mdashand hope&mdashthat Outlook Traveller announces the first ever Indian Responsible Tourism Awards 2016 (IRTA) to identify and applaud hotels, homestays, tours operators, and other holiday providers, who are working very hard to make all travel conscious travel in this country.

IRTA is a regional partner of the reputed World Responsible Tourism Awards (WRTA) held at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London every year. Founded in 2004 by responsibletravel.com, WRTA has established itself as the most widely respected global touchstone of responsible tourism. Known for its formidable line-up of judges, and a thorough and transparent judging process, WRTA has brought worldwide recognition to over 375 holiday providers so far. It has chapters in Ireland, Africa, and now, in India.

In keeping with the WRTA standards, the judging process for IRTA will be both intensive and rigorous, spearheaded by a jury of industry experts, including international responsible tourism pundit Professor Harold Goodwin. Winners will also automatically qualify to compete for the WRTA in London&mdashon an international platform at the WTM.


  1. Best contribution to wildlife conservation
  2. Best innovation by a tour operator
  3. Best for cultural immersion
  4. Best community-based homestay project
  5. Best built heritage conservation
  6. Best RT property

So go ahead, click HERE and nominate

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