Shopping In Kerala Top Things To Buy

Buy products like tea, coffee from local shops or certified counters in Kerala
Souvenir & spice shops in Fort Kochi, Photo Credit Saiko3p/Shutterstock
Souvenir & spice shops in Fort Kochi, Photo Credit Saiko3p/Shutterstock

From spices to tea and coffee, there are many things to buy in Kerala. Besides offering a relaxing retreat, the state also offers a vibrant shopping scene. Here are the top things to buy here.

Tea & coffee
One cannot avoid buying tea and coffee while in Kerala. The state is known for cultivating Nilgiri tea, grown in various parts. Additionally, Kappi and Monsooned Malabar coffee are renowned for their delightful aroma, taste, and colour. Buy these products from local shops or certified counters located at tea and coffee estates in the area.

Where Find tea estates in Munnar, Kolukkumalai, Wayanad, and Vagamon, while coffee estates can be found in Wayanad, Gavi, Nenmara, Idukki, and Peermade

The state is renowned for its high-quality spices and vast spice plantations. Find a wide range of spices, such as fresh black pepper, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, and cinnamon, each with a distinct richness and aroma. The shops in Kumily (near Thekkady) and around Fort Kochi are among the most visited ones.

Where Popular spice plantations area include Munnar, Kumily, Periyar, and Thekkady

Banana chips & cashew nuts
Nenthra-kaya Upperi, or banana chips, is one of the most bought snacks. Tourists are spotted munching on these crunchy chips while exploring the state. Another snack that draws tourists' attention is cashews. The famous dry fruit is available at affordable rates at the local shops, especially around Fort Kochi. One can also explore the cashew farms for a better taste.

Where Visit local shops around Fort Kochi area

Handicrafts & other souvenirs
Coconut and coir products Get a range of coconut-made rugs, carpets, and mats at local shops. You will get interesting collection of coconut souvenirs in Wayanad, which is known for coconut shell craft.

Where Get a wide variety of coconut shell souvenirs in Wayanad.

Kathakali mask Known for the traditional dance form Kathakali, Kerala also offers a captivating variety of Kathakali souvenirs that are worth buying. These souvenirs include wall-hanging masks and fridge magnets, among other options.

Where&nbspExplore shops around Fort Kochi area

Kasavu Mundu It is a traditional attire of the state, made of cotton fabric and adorned with a distinctive zari border. While Malayalees traditionally wear it, nowadays, it is commonly seen during ceremonies, temple visits, and weddings.

Where Visit local shops around Fort Kochi area

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