Quaint Bookshops In Goa Every Bibliophile Should Make Their Way To

Goa is not all parties and beer. It's got something for lovers of literature too. Here's a list of the bookstores you must visit on your next Goa trip
Quaint Bookshops In Goa Every Bibliophile Should Make Their Way To
Quaint Bookshops In Goa Every Bibliophile Should Make Their Way To

Bangalore's loved women-led bookstore, Champaca, is also ready to steal hearts in Goa. If flipping through the pages of fiction while sipping on an ambrosial cappuccino is your idea of perfection, then this bookstore in Anjuna will surely enchant you with its selection of fine reads.

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Champaca book shop in Anjuna

However, there are never enough books or bookstores to satisfy the soul, which is why we've curated a fine list of bookstores across Goa you must visit  

Singbal's Book House, Panjim 

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Singbal's Book House

When discussing bookstores, we should start with one of Goa's oldest ones. In the 2004 film Bourne Supremacy, Matt Damon famously passed this bookstore. It turns out that the locals had enough to brag about after their 15 seconds of fame. This iconic bookstore is situated on the corner of a 5-road intersection across the Panjim Immaculate Church. Numerous regional, national, and international newspapers and periodicals can be found here. It also has a respectable section of international books. 

Literati, Calangute 

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Inside Literati

This charming bookstore is located in an old Indo-Portuguese house in Candolim and has both outdoor and indoor seating. Inside, a wide selection of books covers the length of the walls. There is also a café inside&ndashso you can sip a warm cup of coffee while enjoying your favourite paperback. If you love the sepia-coloured pages of secondhand books, you're in luck, for they have an incredible collection.  

The Dogears Bookshop, Margao  

The vast collection holds many fiction and non-fiction titles in different languages

Goa's favourite haunt for secondhand books, the Dogears Bookshop, has carved a heart-shaped niche for itself among the bibliophiles of Goa. The store ranges a vast and diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction titles, some of which may be difficult to find elsewhere. Most of the books you will find here are left behind by visitors. If the love for books isn't enough reason for you to visit this bookstore, they also hold regular workshops and slam poetry sessions.  

Varsha Bookstore, Panjim  

The people of Goa have been making their way to Varsha Bookstore since the 1970s when it opened&ndashit is an institution in itself. Although it may look tiny, it holds an immense literary world waiting for it to be explored. The store's history is as illustrious as its collection of books&ndashit's been visited by many eminent personalities like former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who used to be a regular.  

Lotus Eaters Bookstore, Anjuna  

Inside Lotus Eaters

Lotus Eaters is the place to go if you love old books, as only secondhand books are available at the well-known bookstore. They have relocated to Merces' Sadhana Dell'Arte. The cosy bookstore is run by the affable pair Sameer and Arushi and has hundreds of titles in both classic and modern genres. They also run a system where if you have purchased a book from the store, you can resell it to them at 50 percent of the original cost.  

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