Five Perfect Gifts For A Travel Junkie

The best travel gifts are often practical and can help make your time away from home feel better
Five Perfect Gifts For A Travel Junkie
Five Perfect Gifts For A Travel Junkie

Gifting is an art. While there are many things that are perfect for different occasions, here are a few ideas for your friend who is always excited to head out on a road trip or pushes for last minute treks and Goa vacations. The best travel gifts are often practical and can help make your time away from home feel better. And if you are that person, gift yourself these incredible travel essentials for a memorable vacation 

A Sturdy (And Quirky) Luggage

I learnt this the hard way, when the strap on my bag came flying off and I tried to lift it off the conveyor belt. Plus, wasting precious minutes looking for your luggage amidst a hundred bags, while rushing to catch your connecting flight doesn&rsquot make the story better. A good durable luggage is the perfect gift for your friend who clocks in massive air miles. Nasher Miles offers bags that are bold and sturdy, helping you stand out from the crowd of the same old-fashioned gray and black bags. Their collections are named after places such as Mumbai, Paris, and Nicobar, and their most recent collection is named Istanbul and features dual-coloured luggage, which comes with a lifetime warranty on the shell. They are also lightweight, ideal for a quick sprint at the airport. 

 Lifestraw Personal Portable Water Purifier

While travelling, purchasing a new water bottle for each day is a hard pass. While steel bottles are convenient, they are not always easy to carry and replenish while on a trek. If you or your friends love offbeat destinations and remote treks, Lifestraw portable water filter is your new companion. It can remove 99% of water-borne bacteria while also reducing turbidity, filtering down to particles up to 0.2 microns in size.

Waterproof Portable Speakers

Trips with friends always call for a party. Carry your music with you, wherever you go. While music outdoors earlier came with the risk of damaging your speakers, a good waterproof bluetooth is a good buy. Sony&rsquos SRS-XB33 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and JBL&rsquos Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker are excellent gifts. Both come with sleek design and incredible battery life.

A Good Camera 

Vacations are meant to be savoured and later captured for an extra dose of nostalgia. A good phone does all that, but if you want to take it up a notch, invest in a GoPro. GoPro makes a nice gift for travellers who like to record every detail of their adventures. It&rsquos waterproof, has voice control, touch screen and most importantly, a very pocket friendly size that allows you to use it on the go. 

Travel Mugs

Your preferred cup of coffee or even coke tastes best when it's hot and cold respectively. But travelling often means tolerating a lukewarm drink once it has been left out for too long. A good insulated beverage container, aka travel mugs solves this problem to the tee. Gift your travel buddy the comfort of enjoying their piping hot chai. COMO Glass cups are perfectly suitable for everyday usage. The double walled, high-grade stainless steel insulated flask not only allows you to carry your beverage in style but also keeps the temperature of your beverage, as it is for up to 10 hours.

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