Tips To Reduce Plastic Consumption While Travelling

Eliminating the use of plastic while travelling is crucial for preserving the beauty of our destinations. We can significantly reduce plastic waste by adopting sustainable practices, such as carrying reusable water bottles, utensils, and shopping bags
Representative image, Photo Credit Shutterstock
Representative image, Photo Credit Shutterstock

Travelling without plastic is a responsible choice and a necessity in today's world. As we explore new destinations, we must be mindful of our environmental impact and take steps to reduce plastic pollution. Plastic waste poses a significant threat to the ecosystems we encounter during our journeys. By eliminating the use of plastic while travelling, we can help preserve the natural beauty of these places and protect the diverse wildlife that calls them home. From carrying reusable water bottles to refusing single-use plastics, here are some tips for a sustainable journey.

Carry A Reusable Water Bottle And Bags

To reduce waste and protect the environment, it's a good idea to bring a sturdy, reusable water bottle instead of buying single-use plastic bottles. You can refill it from filtered or tap water stations. Similarly, carrying a lightweight, foldable shopping bag can help you avoid using plastic bags from stores when you go grocery shopping or make other purchases. 

Say No To Plastic 

Refuse plastic straws at restaurants and bars. Bring your reusable bamboo or metal straw if you prefer using a straw. Even for other cutleries that you may need, such as spoons and forks, bring your own so that you don't need to use the plastic ones available at most places. 

While travelling, you can adopt this approach while packing toiletries too. Instead of using plastic bottles, opt for solid toiletries like shampoo bars, soap bars, and solid toothpaste instead of their liquid counterparts. These reliable options come in minimal or no plastic packaging. And if needed, bring your travel-sized reusable containers for toiletries. This allows you to refill them with your preferred products, reducing the use of single-use plastic travel-sized bottles. 

Be Mindful While Flying

When travelling by plane, it's essential to be mindful of single-use items to minimise waste. Airlines generate significant waste yearly, and efforts to address this issue vary among airlines. As a passenger, you can contribute by refusing single-use plastic cups and cutlery or responsibly managing your waste by taking it with you for recycling.

Opt For Eco-Friendly Practices During Stay

Your consumption habits must be mindful while staying at restaurants, hotels, resorts, or guesthouses. You can contribute by requesting establishments to provide free or regular water instead of single-use plastic bottles and avoiding plastic minis or amenity kits in the bathroom. Encourage restaurants and accommodations to eliminate single-use plastic items from their premises.

Choose Beverages With Glass Or Tin Containers 

Whenever feasible, try to avoid purchasing beverages packaged in plastic bottles. Similar to the issue with single-use water bottles, many shops offer cold drinks in glass containers instead. If glass containers are not available, consider whether you genuinely need that soda or if you can opt for an alternative. The next preferable choice would be aluminium cans, which can be recycled effectively.

Biodegradable Wet Wipes Are More Sustainable

Conventional wet wipes are not environmentally friendly. However, it's essential to know that biodegradable wet wipes are available as an alternative. Biodegradable wet wipes are similar to regular ones, but they are typically made from natural fibres that break down more quickly, making them a more sustainable choice.

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