The Top Pop Culture Places Of 2022 That You Can Visit

From the glamourous Parisian life of Emily to the murderous game room in Squid Game, here is a list of pop culture places that you can visit
Follow Emily's footsteps through the glittering city of Paris. Credit Shutterstock
Follow Emily's footsteps through the glittering city of Paris. Credit Shutterstock

Herne Bay (Heartstopper) 

Netflix's beloved show of two British teenagers falling in love made everybody swoon. But the only thing that could rival the heartstopping show was the picturesque location it was shot at. Herne Bay is a small coastal town near the shores of Kent in East England. The high school, Charlie and Nick's neighbourhood, and the bowling alley were all shot in Herne Bay.

Getting there From London, you can take a bus, train or car to Herne Bay, all of which will take you between 1.5 and 3 hours to reach.

New York City (Taylor Swift's All Too Well short film)

When Taylor Swift dropped her bombshell of a short film from her old album Red, it broke the internet. The filming took place across New York City, and it was kept well under wraps as nobody had any idea Swift was even shooting anything. The streets look like they are in the South of the states, but actually, the entirety of the short film was shot in New York. 

Getting there New York is very well connected with every big city of the world, and there are both direct and connecting flights to New York City.

Paris (Emily in Paris) 

Follow Emily's footsteps through the glittering city of Paris. Emily's apartment is filmed at the rue des Foss&eacutes Saint-Jacques. The city square with the majestic fountain is filmed at Place de l'Estrapade in the 5th arrondissement. The bakery, the cafe, bookstore and multiple shops that we see throughout the show are all spread across different areas of Paris

Getting there Getting direct or connecting flights to Paris from your nearest airport is easy.

City of Daejeon (Squid Game)

The enclosed space where the murderous game took place in the series was shot in makeshift sets in the city of Daejeon in South Korea. This show was shot entirely in South Korea, with the major chunk of the series shot in Daejeon and Seoul.

Getting there Daejeon is some 160 km from South Korea's capital city of Seoul, and you can take a train or car to the city, which should take you about an hour to reach.

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