The Best Board Games To Carry While Travelling With Your Young Adult Kids

On your next trip with preteen kids and young teenagers, consider taking these board games that will keep them engaged and provide hours of entertainment, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for the entire family
The Best Board Games To Carry While Travelling With Your Young Adult Kids
The Best Board Games To Carry While Travelling With Your Young Adult Kids

Going on a vacation with pre-teens can be both thrilling and demanding. Nowadays, technology dominates our attention, often undermining the importance of quality family time. However, there is an excellent solution to this predicament board games. They offer a perfect blend of amusement, engagement, and a hint of nostalgia. In this article, we present five brand-new and exciting board games that are ideal for family vacations with pre-teens. These games encompass strategic challenges and creative storytelling, specifically crafted to captivate young minds and fuel their imagination. Our careful selection of these seven board games guarantees that your holiday will be brimming with laughter, bonding, and unforgettable moments that will hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

Point Salad

Point Salad is an exciting card drafting game suitable for the entire family. With more than 100 scoring possibilities, players can employ diverse strategies, ensuring each game is distinct. Made in India, this compact, portable game includes 108 double-sided veggie/point cards. Setting up takes only 2 minutes, and the quick-paced gameplay allows for multiple rounds. Designed for ages 12 and above, Point Salad accommodates 2-6 players and offers a playing time of 15-30 minutes. Enjoy hours of fun and competition with this engaging and versatile game. 

Ancient Living Samudra Wooden Puzzle

This unique board game transforms into a stunning piece of Madhubani Artwork when fully assembled. The puzzle features disassembled fish and sea creatures that must be meticulously pieced together. To add to the challenge, each fish must be placed back onto the board using a small fish pole with a magnet. Completing the puzzle brings the satisfaction of finishing a puzzle and showcases the beauty of Madhubani artwork. It offers a fantastic opportunity to bond with family and engage your mind in new ways. 

Guess Who

Guess Who is an excellent choice for an engaging game while travelling, particularly for families with multiple members and younger children. It boasts simplicity, ensuring effortless comprehension and immense enjoyment once you grasp the mechanics. The concept is straightforward your adversary selects a character, and by asking strategic questions about their chosen identity, you can secure victory by accurately deducing their character's true identity. This board game holds remarkable benefits for young children, aiding their comprehension of facial features and logical reasoning abilities.


True to its name, Risk revolves around the art of calculated gambles and the anticipation of favourable outcomes. This captivating board game thrives on strategic manoeuvres on the battlefield, enabling players to conquer territories. It incorporates diverse elements such as secret missions, including a neutral army in two-player scenarios, and even a condensed version is known as 'capital risk'. These customizable modes grant the game remarkable versatility, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences. Although it may be considered a higher-priced option, its enduring value and entertainment make Risk a worthwhile investment.

Scotland Yard

Renowned as one of the finest indoor board games available, we can assure you that its enjoyment is as delightful as ever. Chasing after Mister X as he cunningly evades capture throughout the streets of Scotland creates an exhilarating experience, evoking a sense of reliving Sherlock Holmes mysteries uniquely. Scotland Yard is perfect for a friendly gathering, and now that everyone has grown older, you can even savour the company with some fine Scottish whisky while indulging in the game.

The Poll

This groundbreaking game offers a unique experience as it revolves around the Indian elections. Assume the role of a political party, craft a compelling manifesto, and employ diverse strategies to secure as many seats as possible in the Lok Sabha elections. The Poll caters to both adults and children, providing valuable insights into the functioning of government while challenging players to utilize their critical thinking abilities. Although relatively new, The Poll is an exceptionally innovative indoor board game, making it one of the finest options.


First and foremost, Catan ensures that you acquire essential life skills The game takes you on a journey with settlers who discover an island after a long voyage, and your goal is to acquire land and construct colonies through bartering, trading, and strategic planning. Expanding strategically allows you to accumulate the 10 points needed to emerge as the victor. Therefore, Catan is a worthwhile investment.

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