Hospitality's Pathbreaking Platform is the only AI tool that lets hoteliers oversee the business by entirely automating the distribution and operational capabilities

Hotelier and entrepreneur Raj Sahu is synonymous with his pathbreaking platform&ndash Yet, few know about the multi-faceted man behind the name. Always wanting to be his own "boss," Sahu&ndashafter working for many big brands&ndashrealised that he was better cut for entrepreneurship and not service. The thought of starting his venture consumed Sahu's days and nights. He actively sought an idea or a solution in his domain that resonated with him.

With friends and co-founders Ravish Patel and Kiran Suthar, this is how he came up with, a SaaS firm that provides endto-end hospitality solutions. Come 2021, Sahu officially registered " is an automated yield management system especially targeted at mid to small hotels. Such a system in the open marketplace is costly. Only the luxury segment hotels use it, and even theirs is often manual. The one we have built is highly automated. It integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning without hitting your pocket.

Thus, it is a highly advanced yet cost-effective solution," Sahu said while talking about's USP. Hospitality's Innovative Platform comprises a compact automation platform for revenue and yield management. This platform, based on raw, reliable, and relevant data, is based on market data analysis with the aid of AI and ML, facilitating the hospitality industry. The technology assists in ascertaining raw data from the prevailing market to channelise optimum solutions to the right target customers. Furthermore, the platform helps scrutinise the collected raw data and provides expertise based on AI's explanation and logical reasoning to cater to your business' revenue.

"We provide comprehensive, wise, affordable and profitable solutions for our patronage, which are majorly segmented for mid-to-small scale hospitality independent ventures and groups," Sahu said. The most prominent problem hoteliers face is the optimum price to sell the room. They go by historical data to arrive at the sellable rates, and while the recorded data holds to some extent, it is always a significant risk of not being able to sell at the correct price. When the founders of faced similar challenges, they devised an idea to set up an artificial engine to arrive at these decisions.

The machine learning tools crafted the exact algorithm that chalks the yieldable price. Yieldable price means that when the demand in that micro market is high, the price recommendations go higher, while if the order is low, the price recommendations are lower than actual display rates. This would enable hoteliers to manage the sales propositions based on demand visa vis-à-vis internal occupancy and other influencing factors. can show the value proposition to Hoteliers by enabling them to increase the RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room). It has seen at least 15-18 per cent growth in the figures, meaning hoteliers can now sell the rooms at the rates of their choice. is the only AI tool that lets hoteliers control the business by completely automating the distribution and operational capabilities.

The native channel manager enables hoteliers to send rates and inventories to all the partners with the touch of a button. Changing The Hospitality Industry, One Step At A Time Currently, there are close to 2.2 million available rooms to be sold in India, out of which about 70 per cent of inventory is sold every day, which is close to 1.5 million transactions. On the flip side, close to 700,000 rooms do not get sold for various reasons. is working closely with industry stakeholders to reinvent the demand. One of the hoteliers' biggest challenges today is high customer acquisition costs. It is a whopping 15-18 per cent every time the guest comes to the hotel, i.e. for every INR 100 the customer earns, INR 18 goes as the acquisition costs. has been able to help hoteliers build alternate sales channels, which will ensure the acquisition costs come down to as low as 2 per cent from 18 per cent. Hoteliers value the cost reduction as the new sales channels are helping them save over 40 per cent of their operating profits and garner traction on their brand websites. In totality, can set up an ecosystem that increases revenues by 15-18 per cent and reduces costs by over 12-13 per cent, which by far is the most outstanding value proposition that a hotelier enjoys, all this at zero deployment costs and a mere 4-5 per cent of revenue share.

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