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Driving luxury EVs becomes easier with SunFuel Electric
SunFuel and team. Credits SunFuel
SunFuel and team. Credits SunFuel

In the post-gasoline world, most consumers will charge their cars at home. Every evening, we will reach home, plug our cars into an AC charger, and wake up the following day with 300 to 400 kilometres of range without visiting a fuel station or charging station. SunFuel understands this future of electric mobility and is dedicated to catalyzing change. The benefits of SunFuel's technology are numerous and far-reaching. With charging infrastructure for the city, highways, and destinations, SunFuel is creating a future where EV users can travel anywhere without range anxiety. It is focused on all three pillars of public EV charging.

1. City Charging

9 out of 10 times, EV users will charge their vehicles at home. That's great news, but will public charging infrastructure be necessary if most EV owners charge at home While it's true, there will still be a need for public charging stations, especially when you don't have access to home charging. To make the most of city charging stations, SunFuel has built a solid foundation of digital out-of-home advertising. Each charger acts as a revenue-generating asset that enjoys the most premium locations.

2. Highway Charging

"I think it was about two years ago when I first considered an electric car and spoke to my wife about it," states Mathew Koshy, co-founder and managing director of SunFuel. "We love to travel, and we really can't think of life without our road trips," he adds. While travelling, he explains, "It was really unfortunate that we could only find one or two 15 kilowatt charges on the entire route. We couldn't imagine a scenario where one is stuck with family at a petrol station on a hot day." To reduce such anxiety, highway charging is the most important pillar of public charging. It is imperative that highway charging infrastructure is fast enough to add sufficient miles to your range, even before you finish your snack.

3. Destination Charging

Since hospitality entails that a hotel is a home away from home, it is essential for every hotel to have an EV charger to enable visitors to rest comfortably while travelling to their destination. Destination charging is the third pillar of public charging infrastructure. Seamless destination charging at a favourite hotel is imperative if one decides to favour an electric car in the post-fossil fuel world.

4. E-Trails

For SunFuel, the early adopters of electric cars are special. They are young, edgy and a smart section of society. E-trails, the fourth pillar, bind these early adopters in one thread of community, who can travel together and create happy memories. Together, they can explore new and exciting destinations. These journeys take travellers through some of the most stunning and challenging landscapes, from deserts to mountains and beyond. E-Trails aims to encourage even more people to join the growing EV movement and help reduce our carbon footprint. Trails in the E-Trails community include Sutlej, Beas, Dhauladhar, Udupi, and Tiger trails. With the world rapidly transitioning towards electric mobility, SunFuel is leading the change in consumer behaviour. As a brand, it is focused on early adopters and potential early adopters of luxury electric vehicles. It is dedicated to providing a seamless and standardized charging experience.

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