Secure Your Trip With International Travel Insurance

The PhonePe App is a one-stop solution for all your international travel insurance needs. From covering unexpected medical expenses to assisting in case of losing a passport, here are the many benefits of international travel insurance available on the PhonePe platform
Book a hassle free travel insurance on the PhonePe app
Book a hassle free travel insurance on the PhonePe app

Covid-19 has had a ripple effect on many different sectors including travel. The tourism industry faced the brunt of Covid-19 related lockdowns, forcing people to stay indoors and put their travel plans on hold. However, the long wait is now over. With travel restrictions easing up, and the successful coronavirus vaccination drive carried out across countries, many Indians are now excited to put their long stalled international travel plans into motion. While travellers are excited about their dream vacations, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if they don't plan for things going awry especially in this new normal. 

With a little bit of planning, you and your family can focus on all the fun and excitement that travel brings. Especially in the current context, travel insurance is essential as it provides coverage for unexpected medical treatment including coverage for Covid-19 related expenses. With the right international travel insurance plan, you can stay relaxed and focus on enjoying the trip without having to worry about any kind of losses incurred due to unforeseen incidents such as medical emergencies, loss of baggage, passport, trip cancellation, delay in flight, etc. 

What is International Travel Insurance
In simpler terms, international travel insurance helps protect against unexpected events that, if they occur, might prove to be financially damaging during one&rsquos travel. It covers several aspects of travel&nbsplike emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation and delay, loss of baggage, delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, accidental death, etc. Picking the right insurance travel that caters to your needs traditionally hasn&rsquot been easy. Travellers typically suffer from a lack of information about the right policy to avail and the benefits they can avail with it. But now, with the fintech revolution in India especially in the last few years, obtaining the right travel insurance for all your needs has become seamless, hassle-free and is made available at your fingertips. 

How to Pick The Right International Travel Insurance
The PhonePe App is just a tap away India&rsquos first digital payment platform that enabled international travel insurance for its customers in January 2021. PhonePe has helped in redefining what a good customer focused international travel insurance product looks like for many Indians on its platform. The travel insurance plans on the PhonePe App provide a wide range of choices that caters to all your international travel needs. It offers you a plethora of benefits that covers medical expenses, provides financial aid in case you lose your bag, bears the cost of cancellation of the trip, provides quick assistance in case you lose a passport and is a call away in case of any emergencies. Finally, it offers easy cancellation and instant refunds making it completely hassle free. 

The plans on PhonePe app also cater to the current scenario, enabling a travel insurance plan that covers medical expenses for Covid-19 related treatment. The plan also provides coverage in US Dollars while the premium is in Indian Rupees. 

These are the key elements that international travel insurance covers for
&bull Covers financial loss and unexpected medical expenses Along with these, it also helps in covering cashless hospitalisation abroad.

&bull 24*7 assistance during an emergency Help is just a call away. You can avail help anytime you want. 

&bull Protects fully against losses The insurance provides full protection against losses like theft, flight delays, baggage loss, missed connections and more. 

&bull Assists in case of losing a passport If you are travelling and you end up losing your passport, that is the worst that can happen to anyone. With this insurance plan, you can get assistance to get a duplicate passport and also compensation for reasonable expenses incurred due to the unfortunate incident of losing a passport. 

&bull Covers the cost of cancellation of a trip due to sickness/injury/ death You do not know what life has in store for you. A good policy reimburses expenses in case of cancellation of the insured trip due to certain events such as sickness, injury or death of the insured, the immediate family member or the travel companion. 

Here&rsquos why one should get international travel insurance on PhonePe
PhonePe has enabled its customers travelling for business or leisure with insurance coverage that is relevant, convenient to buy and easy to self- serve. From covering unexpected medical expenses to assisting in case of losing a passport, International Travel Insurance available on PhonePe ensures complete peace of mind during your travel. 

International travel insurance plans on PhonePe App will cover all your needs while also answering any queries related to the cover with full transparency. From providing instant refunds to coverage for family members and self in the same policy, PhonePe App provides the solution to all your international travel needs. 

Here are the reasons why you should opt for international travel insurance on PhonePe

&bull Insurance is available for PhonePe&rsquos customers who travel for both business and leisure purposes. 

&bull Coverage for Covid-19 related treatment.

&bull Plans are underwritten by India&rsquos trusted insurers like Bajaj Allianz and Tata AIG. 

&bull Users can customise their plan for a wide coverage amount ranging from USD 15,000 to USD 1 MN as per their requirements. 

&bull One can compare plans and features and choose the best coverage. 

&bull Instant cover with no medical tests. &bull For PhonePe users, premiums start as low as Rs 35 per day. 

&bull Easy cancellations.

&bull Instant refunds with no cancellation charges as long as you cancel before the start of the day of your travel. 

&bull Covers family members and self in the same plan. 

&bull Provides 24*7 international travel assistance for customers throughout their journey across 220 countries. 

&bull Insurance cover offers coverage against trip cancellation, theft, flight and baggage delays. 

&bull Insurance is compliant with visa requirements 

&bull Business travellers can claim GST input credit. 

So, while planning your next international trip, remember to give priority to your health and safety and opt for International travel insurance on the PhonePe App. Get more details on the insurance plans on the PhonePe app. 

Group insurance for PhonePe users only.This is not an offer or invitation or recommendation to become a member of PhonePe App or purchase specific insurance policy.

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