Oman A Hidden Jewel

Oman makes for a perfect destination for those looking for generous hospitality peppered with modernisation and culture
Landscape of Mutrah Corniche in Muscat, Oman
Landscape of Mutrah Corniche in Muscat, Oman

Nature&rsquos bounty laced with history and legend best describes Oman. Being the oldest independent state in the Arab world, Oman, while taking proactive steps towards modernisation, is also deeply rooted in centuries old culture and heritage. This hidden jewel makes for a perfect destination for those looking for generous hospitality&nbsppeppered with modernisation and culture.

History and Topography

Being one of the oldest independent countries in the world, Oman and its rich history find a spot in the ancient relics and books that tell tales of its heroism. One can also find tales about Oman&rsquos in depth communication with other civilisations in these ancient scriptures. And Oman&rsquos strategic location&mdashin the south of Arabian Peninsula&mdashhas played a significant role in gaining its position. Not only can one find Oman in ancient relics, but oldest evidence also suggests Muscat is one of the oldest settlements and human presence in the world, dating to nearly 10,000 years back. The many ancient civilisations finding a home in the country bear testimony to Oman&rsquos rich history and culturally abundant population.

Coming to the Sultanate of Oman's&nbsptopography, it is the only country in the world composed mostly of oceanic crust and rocks that originate from the Earth&rsquos mantle. Evidence of continental drift can be witnessed in many of the unusual rock formations and topography around Oman. Over the years with its geographical expansion as well, Oman has become&nbspa powerful empire and has witnessed a rise and become a modern and prosperous state. Talking about geography, Oman has something to offer everyone, but especially for those who are deeply interested in geology. One can find various stories residing&mdashwhether in its highest mountain or its mega dunes. While here one should also not miss out on the famed Al Hajar mountain range that forms an impressive arc from the north-west to the southeast of the country.

When it comes to adventure, Oman has options aplenty. Right from the largest cave chambers in the world to the coral reefs, or simply camping under the stars, the country has an array of options one can explore. Oman&rsquos geography also plays a significant role in the adventure sports that one can opt for. One of the many adventures in Oman include off-roading. The country offers many off the beaten path for enthusiasts. Whether its dune bashing in the desert or exploring a wadi, Oman has got the intrepid traveller covered. One can explore the Wadi Bani Awf, or the Jebel Shams amongst many other scenic wadis. However, during these explorations one should opt for a guided excursion as well as have an experienced driver onboard.

If you&rsquore the one to experiment with adrenaline but within reasonable limits, then kite surfing is also another option. A combination of surfing and paragliding, it is also enjoyed by the local folks. Popular on Masirah Island, it is best enjoyed during the summer months. Keep an eye out for the local operators providing necessary training and gear for the same. For those fascinated by the desert, camel riding is right there. Historically used for transporting goods and people, camels have now become a sign of prestige. And travellers now can enjoy a slice of the historical lifestyle by setting off on a desert safari exploring the secrets of the dunes. The best places to undertake these safaris are the A&rsquoSharqiyah Sands and Rub Al Khali.

Another aspect of adventure tourism in the Sultanate of Oman is caving. Home to the second largest cave chamber in the&nbspworld, Oman is a treasure trove. Without the requirement of any special equipment or training, anyone with an average fitness level can explore these caves. However, some caves require additional equipment and permissions. 


When in Oman, luxury is right on command. While striking a balance between traditional and modern, Oman caters to the needs of all and one can look forward to experiences of a lifetime. Right from its Arabian charm to its local festivals, travellers can have it all. For those who love the finer things in life, the Royal Opera House in Muscat is a must visit. With world class ballet, operas and musical performances, get ready to be enchanted all over again. Oman also preserves its historical luxury in many of its museums promoting culture, science and heritage. Some options that one should not miss out are The National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman, Bait Al Baranda and Bait Al Zubair offer a glimpse into the country&rsquos past&nbspwith well-preserved artefacts from daily life and works of art. One can absolutely not miss out on Oman&rsquos souqs and shops when talking about luxury.

From aromatic Frankincense to traditional clothing and silver works, Oman&rsquos souqs provide an authentic Omani experience for the senses and the soul. While the most famous one is the Muttrah Souq, most large settlements have their own souqs. Look out for the rare finds while traversing the lanes of these souqs. Oman is also not far behind when it comes to larger than life dining experiences. Think contemporary restaurants, fine dining places and cuisines from across the globe. But don&rsquot miss out on treating your taste buds to the authentic Omani food with various offerings. Hidden in plain sight, Oman is a paradise waiting to be discovered. WIth unique experiences lined up to be explored, reasons to explore Oman are plenty

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