It's A Barbie World 5 Barbie-Themed Attractions Around The World

Create a colourful itinerary with iconic landmarks like the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience in Florida and the Barbie Caf in Taiwan for an enchanting, all-pink adventure that celebrates your love for Barbie.
It's A Barbie World 5 Barbie-Themed Attractions Around The World
It's A Barbie World 5 Barbie-Themed Attractions Around The World

The release day is here Greta Gerwig's Barbie is well on becoming one of the year's biggest releases. This movie has made the Mattel dolls all the more relevant in 2023. The once-American Barbie adopted diverse versions of its role according to the changing times so young children from non-American and non-White communities could feel represented. From building your own Barbie to visiting a Barbie-themed cafe to seeing all the Barbie models ever manufactured, the following attractions worldwide have all you would seek as a Barbie connoisseur.

Barbie Ultimate Staycation, Malaysia

Experience the pink side of life at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This thematic staycation booking includes a one-night stay in one of the 14 Barbie-themed rooms and a Barbie afternoon tea in the iconic Barbie Cafe. The hotel offers two experiences the staycation and Barbie pink teatime in a box. An entire level of 14 themed rooms, including the Barbie Room and Barbie Suite, will be transformed into an empowering Barbie universe, with every nook in sight drenched in the distinctive pink hue commemorating Barbie's careers. Every unit will be distinctively fashioned to symbolise its signature themes with a tale to tell, and particularly Barbie You Can Be Anything and Barbie Fantasy.

Florence Nightingale Museum, London

The Florence Nightingale Museum in London partnered with Mattel to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale and The Barbie Inspiring Women series. Make sure to pop by for a chance to buy one of these limited-edition dolls. The Barbie Inspiring Women Series pays tribute to unique heroines of their era&mdashbold women who took chances, rewrote the rules and paved the way for future generations of girls to dream bigger than ever before. Nightingale dedicated her life to nursing, believing it was her moral obligation. She used her ambition and intelligence throughout her life to become the pioneer of modern nursing. 

The Barbie Cafe, Taipei

This cafe in Taipei is the ultimate destination for the ultimate Barbie fan. Complete with tutus, tiaras, and tiramisu, this themed cafe is your world&mdasha pink and plastic explosion with the cutest Barbie-inspired sweet delicacies. With eye-searing fuchsia d&eacutecor, servers in sequined tutus, and cakes coated in pink mousse, the world's first Mattel-licensed Barbie Café is as shamelessly frilly as you'd imagine. There's also a diet chart on the menu. However, with a rather generous limit of 1,800 calories per day for grown women, it's unlikely to deter guests from ordering sweets topped with candies in the shape of the Barbie logo or savoury dishes with quirky titles like the Seafood Jewel Box.

Barbie Expo, Montreal

What could be more exciting than hundreds of Barbies dressed in unique couture gowns by renowned designers and themed outfits Here, Barbie does not just wear clothes designed by Mattel but clothes specially designed by Luxury Brands Worldwide for Barbies. The free exhibit, located at Les Cours Mont-Royal, is a lot of fun for a Barbie fanatic, and the intricate details of the small attires of each Barbie are worth observing. This is the largest (and free) permanent Barbie exhibition, with over 1,000 Barbie dolls dressed in bridal and designer wear or inspired by celebrities. It's a Haute Couture showcase, including looks by Dior, Givenchy, and Oscar de la Renta.

JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square, Seoul

Book an afternoon tea in the Barbie-themed lounge and enjoy a delicious array of pink strawberry pastries. The view of Barbie's van and the Heunginjimun Gate is spectacular from The Lounge on the first level. This branch was created in partnership with Barbie, which makes it ten times better because everything is pink, and she can be seen everywhere. Even though the price is a little high (KRW 55,000 or INR 3,515 per person), it is well worth it. You get sweets, a drink from Rose Sparkling Wine, delectable parfaits, a pasta entr&eacutee with seafood or beef, and your choice of coffee or tea at the finish. The women servers are dressed in gorgeous pink dresses, while the men are dressed in suits. They select their English names according to Barbie's friends.

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