Good For Earth 5 Eco-Friendly Toiletries for Travel

Reduce your carbon footprint as you travel with these ecofriendly toiletries
Zero-waste, plastic-free reusable toiletries
Zero-waste, plastic-free reusable toiletries

Reducing your carbon footprint when on the go has not always been the easiest task. Plus, one has to deal with the liquid allowances at the airport when it comes to toiletries. But in 2022, it is imperative that we move towards an eco-friendly travel outlook, making small changes as we go. Here are 5 eco-friendly toiletries that will be the perfect travel companions.  

  1. Bamboo Toothbrushes Promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, the quickest plastic to replace in your kit is your toothbrush. Made from recycled bamboo, these are easy to use, ecologically perfect and economical too. You can opt for Terra&rsquos toothbrushes or one by Bangalore-based company Bare Necessities. 

  1. Aluminium Travel Bottles Plastic bottles are a nuisance and often account for a large chunk of plastic waste when travelling. Eliminate plastic from your bag and replace them with lightweight aluminium bottles. Easy to refill, carry and long lasting, these bottles are the perfect antidote to expensive water bottles. 

  1. Sunscreen There is a  dark underbelly of the sunscreen business. Most sunscreens are damaging coral reefs due to their ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Green People&rsquos sunscreen is plant-based, reef-safe and water repellent, in addition to being supplied in a renewable sugarcane bottle.  Thinksport's SPF 50 Sunscreen also offers optimal protection (and affordable too) sans harmful chemicals.

  1. Shaving Kit The staggering amount of plastic generated by disposable razors is mind boggling. So when you&rsquore travelling to reduce your carbon footprint, replacing your disposable razors with reusable ones is the right way to go. The Woman&rsquos Company and Almitra Sustainables have reusable and durable bamboo-handle razors. 

5. Shampoo Bars Shampoo bars are better for the planet because they are plastic free unlike shampoo bottles, last more than the bottles and have a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, good brands like Juicy Chemistry and Earth Rhythm offer organic shampoo bars with natural ingredients.

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