A Summer Guide To Qatar

Discover the captivating blend of indoor entertainment and sun-soaked adventures in Qatara must-visit for unforgettable vacations with stunning attractions catering to all travel interests
Immerse yourself in Venetian-inspired grandeur of the Villaggio Mall. Credit Qatar Tourism
Immerse yourself in Venetian-inspired grandeur of the Villaggio Mall. Credit Qatar Tourism

Qatar, a captivating destination that seamlessly blends indoor entertainment with sun-soaked outdoor adventures, is a must-visit for travellers seeking an unforgettable vacation. With many stunning attractions, this country offers a wide array of experiences catering to every travel interest. Whether you're a shopaholic, a culture enthusiast, or a beach lover, Qatar has something remarkable in store for you.

Indulge In A Shopper's Paradise

Prepare to be dazzled by Qatar's extraordinary shopping scene. From high-end luxury brands to local markets, the retail landscape here is a dream come true for any shopping enthusiast. Explore Place Vend&ocircme, the Middle East's largest shopping centre, boasting 580 upscale stores showcasing top fashion labels. Wander through the exquisite Villaggio Mall, where you can traverse the wings by an interior canal with gondolas, immersing yourself in Venetian-inspired grandeur. For a unique family experience, head to Gondolania in Villaggio Mall, featuring an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, perfect for cooling off during the summer.

Immerse Yourself In Luxurious Spas 

Unwind and rejuvenate in Qatar's luxurious spas, where relaxation reaches new heights. Experience exclusive treatments at renowned spas that offer a respite from the demands of everyday life. Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the first immersive resort in the Middle East, provides traditional Arabic and Islamic medicine-based treatments. At the same time, the Mandarin Oriental, Doha, offers a Digital Wellness Escape to counter the stresses of modern technology. For a truly extraordinary experience, indulge in the "Under the Stars" treatment curated by Saray Spa at the Marriott Marquis Doha, where you can enjoy breathtaking views from the 50th-floor helipad.

Explore The Art and Culture&nbspScene

Qatar is a treasure trove of art and culture waiting to be explored. Visit Katara Cultural Village, an enchanting hub with a stunning beach promenade, open-air amphitheatre, and cutting-edge exhibition galleries. Lose yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Souq Waqif, a traditional marketplace offering Middle Eastern merchandise and delectable food options. Delve into Qatar's architectural wonders by exploring the Msheireb and Education City districts, where avant-garde designs harmoniously blend the past and present. Don't miss the architectural marvels of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) and the Museum of Islamic Art, which showcase Qatar's rich heritage and vibrant present.

Beat The Heat At These Outdoor AC Parks 

In the scorching heat of Doha, these innovative spaces allow visitors to soak up the sun without breaking a sweat, creating the perfect blend of nature and comfort. The Al Gharrafa Park features jogging and walking tracks equipped with a cooling vent system, maintaining temperatures between a comfortable 26&degC and 28&degC. Oxygen Park is famous for those seeking an immersive outdoor experience with added comfort. The park boasts air-conditioned pathways that welcome relief from the sweltering temperatures. You can have a pleasant time strolling through the Umm Al Seneem Park, which holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest AC Outdoor Path and spans an impressive 1.143 kilometres.

Experience Sun, Sand, And Sea 

Qatar's pristine beaches beckon travellers seeking relaxation and natural beauty. Fuwairit Beach, known for its fine white sand and crystal-clear waters, is a must-visit destination. Enjoy the thrill of kitesurfing and witness the Hawksbill Sea Turtle hatchery. For a family-friendly beach experience, head to B12 Beach Club, where water sports, lively tunes, and the largest floating water park in Doha await. Seek ultimate luxury at the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha, the first all-inclusive luxury beach resort in Qatar, or escape to the Waldorf Astoria Lusail, a sprawling resort boasting a private sand beach, thrilling water slides, and rejuvenating spa experiences.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of this captivating destination, where modernity coexists harmoniously with tradition. Whether strolling through shopping centres, exploring world-class museums, or basking in the sun on pristine beaches, Qatar promises an extraordinary experience that will leave you with lifelong memories.

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