A Modern Traveller's Dilemma

Theres no denying that the purest experience, in any context, is that which is free from distraction or dilution
To click or not to click - that is the question
To click or not to click - that is the question

Imagine that you&rsquore at a beautiful beach on a tropical island. It&rsquos the crack of dawn, and a spectacular sunrise is unveiled before your eyes - a dance of colours and sun rays amidst a sky of slowly drifting clouds. Would you grab your camera and capture the spectacle Or should this privilege be reserved for your eyes only

We are blessed to be living in a time when it is so easy to document memories. Most of us now carry a camera, in some shape or form, wherever we go. But finding the &lsquoright&rsquo way to embrace travel experiences is a challenge that I often find myself grappling with. To click, or not to click - that is the question

Whether at a music concert or a popular tourist spot, I often find myself surrounded by a sea of mobile phones and cameras clicking and recording with seemingly reckless abandon. Which is, while sometimes strange, entirely understandable - since these are the little bits and pieces of life&rsquos journey that can bring immense joy, especially when retrieved from a long-forgotten folder many years later. The real challenge is that it&rsquos just as easy to be so glued to a screen, focused on recording everything, that you might entirely miss out on the real experience itself.

I&rsquom not judging anyone here. In fact, as a digital content creator, I tend to fall closer to the benchmark to be avoided. It&rsquos my &lsquojob&rsquo to be distracted by my technology wherever I go. It is not unusual to find me juggling multiple cameras whilst preoccupied by an inspired &lsquocontent idea&rsquo. That&rsquos probably why I even stopped to think about this conundrum in the first place.

While many people I&rsquove met have had strong opinions on the subject, I don&rsquot think it&rsquos actually entirely black and white. There isn&rsquot a right or a wrong way to go about any of this. It&rsquos extremely subjective and based on personal priorities. However, for me, it&rsquos crucial to find a balance that helps address the conflict between the real and the reel.

To achieve this, I do what feels right at that time and place - with an awareness that regretting my choices at a later point is quite futile. Over time, I&rsquove found a pattern that works for me, but it is still impossible to always get it right. So, whenever I can&rsquot make up my mind, I use stop-gap measures that allow me the best of both worlds. Sometimes, it&rsquos as simple as leaving my camera on time-lapse on a tripod while I sit somewhere nearby. That way I&rsquom able to enjoy the experience uninterrupted and still have something to relive the memories by, in the future.

There&rsquos no denying that the purest experience, in any context, is that which is free from distraction or dilution But, it would be foolish to assume that anything that doesn&rsquot meet that standard is necessarily inferior. As long as you find your balance, your way is the right way

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