Travelling With Pets 10 Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Travelling on the road with pets needs undivided attention, planning, patience and flexibility. Here's a guide which will help you on your road trip
It is very important to carry pet medicines along in the journey
It is very important to carry pet medicines along in the journey

Pets are like our family members and we cannot possibly leave them behind when going on a vacation. Having said that, travelling with a pet needs undivided attention, good planning, patience, and flexibility to accommodate them during a journey. While it all depends on the exact travel schedule, including your final destination, there are some things which you can consider to make your journey more accommodating and comfortable with pets. Holidaying with a pet is definitely an amazing bonding opportunity and an experience to cherish, only if you plan it right.

Here are few suggestions to make it a memorable road trip for them too

Do the Prep

Even before you begin the trip, it is good to start taking your animal out for short car rides. It will get them used to the idea of long road trips. You can also observe their behaviour in the car, and take some mental notes for the journey to be. Make sure to exercise your pet before the journey.

Food for Thought

Before your travel date, begin the travel-feeding schedule for your pet. Prepare them for light meals 2-3 days before departure so that they can do the road journey in comfort without any anxiety about food.

The Comfort Factor 

Pack your pet&rsquos travelling kit with some thought. Put in enough food (and with variety), a bowl, a waste scoop, some plastic bags, grooming supplies, medicines, and a pillow, their favourite toy, etc. Remember to pack travel-friendly - like no spills bowls.

Stay With the Familar

It is better to pack the food supply for your pet from home than buy it on the road, or at the venue. Some pet manufacturers use ingredients which may or may not be of optimum quality. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy from your trusted store than on the journey.

Hydration is Key

Similarly, you need to be cautious of water you use to feed your pet. You don&rsquot want to travel with the risk of water-borne infection, therefore, we recommend only bottled water feed. It means no tummy upsets for your pet too.

The Health Factor

It is very important to carry pet medicines along in the journey. Depending on where you are headed, your pet may need a vaccination or injections for safety and good health. Always carry parasite prevention products to save him or her from fleas, ticks and other parasites, especially in a warm climate or in monsoons.

Vet the Advice

Before you begin the journey, talk to your veterinarian. Ask your veterinarian to make an official note of your pet&rsquos vaccinations, any major illnesses and any medications to be carried along. You may need to attach a copy of pet&rsquos medical history for air travel. Also, request a health certificate.

The Box Space

Carry a crate or carrier which is well-ventilated for safety and security of your pets. The space should be comfortable for them, meaning, there should be enough space for them to stand, sit, rest and sleep or turn around in.

In the Car

Having your pets lose or unrestrained in a car is not a good idea. It can distract you and can also injure them. It is advisable to restrain them by using a latch attached to the car seat. Seat belts will not help. Using dogs leash inside the car is also not recommended. There is a special latch hardware which should be used for the purpose of travelling with a pet in the car.

Check the Room

Use a soft kennel in the hotel room to make your pet comfortable and safer at the same time. Before you let them loose in the room, make sure to check the space. There should be nothing left unattended by the hotel staff. Check under the bed to be sure that the housekeeper has not missed anything. There should be no stack left inside the room.

Like you, your pets too need attention and care with co-fellows on the trip. It is your personal responsibility to take care of their every need when on a trip. A smart and secure approach is to plan everything in advance. You need their necessities, their grooming tools, food, containers, and the rest, along in the journey. Special care should be given to having your pet in front of you, as you tour a place. Only careful planning will let you and your pet enjoy the time together.

The author is&nbspfounder, Countryside Adventure Holidays

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