5 Top Train Rides In Switzerland

Journey on the uber-comfortable Swiss trains as they chug through the heart of Switzerland and showcase its undeniable beauty
Credit www.shutterstock.com / kavalenkava
Credit www.shutterstock.com / kavalenkava

Take a grand tour of Switzerland via its incredible railway routes, which will take you across the Swiss landscape in all the comfort, and none of the cold. Here are five train rides you should take advantage of when you visit Switzerland.

Luzern&ndashInterlaken Express, Z&uumlrich &ndash Luzern &ndash Interlaken, 131 kilometres in 2¾ hours

This trip starts in Zurich and will take you from one city to another via an incredibly scenic landscape replete with lakes and mountainsides. When you reach Luzern, you can conveniently change your train to the Luzern&ndashInterlaken-Express, and set off on the second leg of your train journey. This one is also filled with picturesque turquoise lakes, which you may have seen in many a Bollywood movie, as romance blossomed between the lead characters. All three junction cities are world-famous destinations, and you can also choose to hop off the trains and spend a day or two in the cities such as Zurich, you can visit Lake Zurich. Meanwhile, at Interlaken, you can explore the city or the mountain region of Jungfrau, the beauty of which is labelled as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Golden Pass ExpressInterlaken &ndash Zweisimmen &ndash Montreux, 120 kilometres in 3 ¾ hours

From Interlaken, this journey will take you along Lake Thun and then through Simmen Valley to reach Zweisimmen. On the Golden Pass Express, Prestige-class travel is the top way to journey sit back and be mesmerised by the breathtaking views. You will see a panorama filled with castles such as Chillon Castle, the UNESCO Lavaux Vineyards, and meadows of grazing cattle also, here, the train passes the German-French language border of Switzerland. Towards the end, the train moves down from the mountains and reaches Montreux, with its distinct Mediterranean vibe. Here you can visit the gorgeous Lake Geneva.

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, Montreux &ndash Visp &ndash Zermatt, 148 kilometres in 2½ hours

Visp is close to chic Montreux, and soon you will be on your way to Zermatt, home to the Matterhorn mountain and peak. The train ride will take you through the Nikolai Valley, Switzerland's deepest-incised valley. By the time the train reaches Zermatt, you will have covered more than 900 metres in altitude This is possible for the train due to the cogwheel engineering. At Zermatt, you will be in the famed car-free village, with an all-around view of Peak Matterhorn. Visit the enchanting Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, but ensure you wear snow-proof footwear.

Glacier Express, Zermatt &ndash St. Moritz, 291 kilometres in 7¾ hours

The tres chic St Moritz is connected to the equally stylish Zermatt by the Glacier Express, which winds across the Alps on its eight-hour journey. The ride is through the mountainous cantons (districts) of Valais, Uri and Grisons. It is a complete delight to go through the 91 tunnels and 291 bridges of its journey. The expansive mountains, with even deeper ravines, and vast valleys, are all visible from the panorama-window-fitted coaches. If possible, hop off the train to visit Chur, Switzerland&rsquos oldest city, or continue to St Moritz, a top destination for winter tourism. 

Bernina Express, St. Moritz &ndash Tirano &ndash Lugano, 154 kilometres in 6 ¾ hours

This route covers the Brusio Circular Viaduct, one of the most famous portions of the Swiss railways. The Bernina Express crosses regions and cultures, as it showcases one wonderful sight after another of the Alpine mountain-scape. You will spot the Morteratsch glacier and, at 2,253 metres altitude, the turquoise waters of the Lago Bianco. The train goes on to the UNESCO World Heritage route of the Rhaetian Railways and the downwards through the Bernina Pass to charming Val Poschiavo towards Tirano in Italy. The last part of the journey is on the road aboard the Bernina Express Bus via Lake Como to Lugano.

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