5 Language Apps To Help You When You Are Travelling

One of the ways we can showcase cultural sensitivity is by taking out the time to learn the basics of the local language of the destination we visit
Learning the local lingo is one way to demonstrate our cultural sensitivity
Learning the local lingo is one way to demonstrate our cultural sensitivity

Traveling involves learning about a new culture, interacting with people in a new country or state, sampling local cuisine, and more. But it can be a little challenging if you don't speak the local language. Not to worry there are many of smartphone apps available to assist us in learning a new language.

Learning the local lingo of the places we travel to is one way we can demonstrate our cultural sensitivity. To get started, study and practise some fundamental words and greetings. These five platforms are excellent for understanding what others are saying to you.

Google Translate
The free Google service provides real-time translations between English and more than 100 other languages. It lets you connect, without any language barriers, to people, places, and cultures with ease. Use your camera to translate as you point it toward the written text you want to understand. Or save words and phrases you might need in everyday conversations for quick access from any device. You can even have a conversation with someone who speaks an unknown language, as Google Translate can record and translate from one language to another at any moment.
Over 1.2 billion individuals are learning languages through this app. Duolingo has over 30 language instructions, and it is free. The functional approach used by Duolingo focuses on what users want to do with a language. Its lessons emphasise a practical objective with simple activities such as placing an order at a restaurant. Through many different tasks in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, learners acquire the vocabulary and grammar necessary to know and understand the basics of a new language. It is the ideal app to prepare you for your trip with daily reminders and scheduled tasks.
Mondly specialises in educational technology and creates a freemium language learning platform with free and paid courses for 33 languages. The goal is to use technological innovation to make learning languages enjoyable and simple, bridging gaps between individuals of different cultures. Mondly also includes a virtual reality voice recognition option in addition to being a language app. 

Memrise provides user-generated content on a variety of topics. While the website offers almost every language, the Memrise app offers lessons in 16 languages. It employs audio, visual, and memory strategies to help you link words together for simpler recall. It also administers frequent assessments to make sure you memorise the words. In addition to setting a goal for how long you want to spend practicing the language each day, you get points for the accuracy and speed of your answers. 

In addition to simply studying, you may even learn to speak a new language with Pimsleur. In just 30 days, the platform ensures that you know the basics of a language. You can take lessons anywhere and at any time, and the app will track your linguistic progress. Pimsleur has a wide range (50 languages) and a built-in audio and reading lesson player. 

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