5 Apps That Help You Plan Group Travel Better

From a group workcations to bachelorette parties, these apps help iron out the chaos that seem to be a hallmark of group travel
5 Apps That Help You Plan Group Travel Better
5 Apps That Help You Plan Group Travel Better

As anyone would know, planning a trip with a group of people can be a tricky affair. These apps can help take the chaos out and organise group trip itineraries, expenses (and even those millions of photos) better.  

The Perfect Bachelorette Holiday

Are you organising a trip for your bachelorette party The Bach app will assist you in better planning the details of these trips. Once a user has invited friends to the trip via the app, you can discuss what each of you wants to do, select the best location for the trip based on costs and interests, and create an itinerary. The expenses are then split by the app, and it track all the costs through a trip. You can also book experiences near your destination through the app.

Smooth Workcations

After the pandemic, remote work and workcations have become quite the thing. New tech startup app Origin helps people plan workcations better by creating completely personalised trips with expert support. The trips are curated based on the user&rsquos interests and values. They also keep track of any new local travel regulations and COVID testing requirements, as well as cancellations policies.

Holidays With The Fam

Everyone knows that planning a trip with the family can be chaotic with frequent frayed tempers. Try Prava which will act as an itinerary manager with in-app messaging, and to-do lists. Ever found yourself separated from other group members Or you may be going eslewhere while the others choose another spot for sightseeing. The app lets you share your location with other group members. You can also share trip photos and calculate expenses through the app. 

Organise The Money

Managing your money while travelling can be difficult. The TravelSpend app assists you in keeping track of your spending. Users can split costs with friends and family. You can add expenses in any currency, share and sync them, split costs, and gain insights from your spending with the app.

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