New Pastures Take A Break At These Organic Farms In India

Travellers in India can experience the charms of a rural life at these ethical farm stays
Get your hands dirty on your next holiday  Photo credit Pixabay
Get your hands dirty on your next holiday Photo credit Pixabay

If &nbspyou are interested in staying close to nature, here are some holidays that are great for the environment and for your budget. You may have to get your hand dirty, literally, at these organic projects.

TIEEDI, Darjeeling

An environment conservation organisation based out Darjeeling, TIEEDI's work revolves around experiential environment education, regenerative tourism, natural farming, decentralised waste management solutions and sustainable land design consultation. They have hosted travellers from all corners of the world. They also provide volunteering options where people learn about permaculture while contributing in any one of our projects. In the past, they have hosted workshops led by local communities on&nbspthe dying art of weaving with bamboo and creating baskets and fences. Do check out their "Air Dwellings", conceptualised as a dwelling that is floating in the air, amongst the trees. 

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Van Vadi, Maharashtra

A mere 100 km from Mumbai, this regenerated, natural &lsquoforest-farm&rsquo &ndash more forest than farm &ndash with its pristine, unpolluted environment, is ideal to pick up lessons in biodiversity and sustainable living. Tucked at the edge of a remote village, Vanvadi lies in the foothills of the Sahyadri range in the Western Ghat mountains. A three-hour drive from Mumbai, it is a sprawling 65-acre land with over 90 per cent tree cover, a small organic farm, and waterbodies. But what makes it special is the story behind it &ndash a lesson in forest regeneration, rainwater harvesting, and offering a home to over 120 traditionally useful plant species, including 52 varieties of forest food. Vanvadi offers a range of participatory programmes and workshops. One of their popular events is the forest walks with experienced Adivasi elders to learn about traditionally useful plant species and forest foods.

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Acres Wild Farmstay, Coonoor

If you are a cheese lover, then this farmstay is kinda perfect for you. The family-run farmstay is nestled inside an organic cheesemaking farm. They not only make cheese, but also give you a guided tour around the whole process.&nbspAnd of course, you can consume oodles of cheese without a care in the world. You can learn to make it as well, also on offer is an organic cheese-making course 

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Saharia Model Organic Farm, Jaipur

As far as getting in touch with one&rsquos rustic side goes, this farm stay, tucked away in Maheshpura village on Jaipur&rsquos northern periphery, is a masterclass in leaving pastoral rusticity to its own devices. The 18-hectare property, with its leafy lanes, thatched gazebos, mud hutments and clusters of shahtoot, sheesham, ber, khejdi and amla, is one of the oldest in the state. The compost tank is a cucurbit of sorts, alchemising cow urine, eggshells and other plant matter with the help of jaggery, into the organic pesticide and nourishing gruel known as jivamrit in these parts. What seems waste, dead and given to decay in that other life is life-giving force on an organic farm, and the vermiculture patch constantly churning out manure for the flourishing flora, is proof. The irrigation tank, carved into the side of a hillock, doubles up as a swimming pool made for aquatic limbering, neem leaves strung on the sides instead of chlorine.

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