Beaches In India That Glow In The Dark

Plan your next holiday to these locations across India to catch the magical glow at night
Beaches In India That Glow In The Dark
Beaches In India That Glow In The Dark

Surrounded by significant oceans on three sides, it is no surprise that India is home to many scenic coasts. These are not just perfect for catching a spectacular view of the sunset, but some of them also reveal their wonders at night. If you want to see the sparkling blue waves caused by bioluminescence in India, these beaches are the perfect spot for you

Bhangram Beach, Lakshadweep 

This tiny island near Agatti and Kavaratti presents a dreamy view at night as much as it does during the day. The clean and uncrowded Bhangram beach is the perfect place to witness the magical glow of the bioluminescence at night. The best time to see it is from September to November. 

Neil Island, Andaman And Nicobar Islands 

The Andaman and Nicobar islands promise a visual spectacle from every angle. You&rsquore bound to be awed by what you see from anywhere you stand. Especially at night, the beaches take on a starry cloak during the winter months of November to January. 

Betalbatim Beach, Goa 

If you&rsquore in Goa, take the time to witness something magical at this beach located in the South. This beach is relatively less crowded than all the other beaches, so that you can catch a moment of calm to yourself. To watch the bioluminescence cast its magic, visit between November to January.

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