Mogarkasa Soon To Be Your Next Wildlife Adventure Destination

An upcoming eco-tourism park in the area is soon going to offer a much-needed facelift to the forest, allowing more travellers to visit
The Mogarkasa area has huge tourism potential. Credit Shutterstock
The Mogarkasa area has huge tourism potential. Credit Shutterstock

Mogarkasa lake has been a neglected tourist spot for a while now. The once lush forest reserve, some 75 km from Nagpur, used to be a thriving tourist destination with its lush environs and perennial water body. The forest department has now announced a facelift to the area in the form of an eco-tourism project. The project that had been stuck for the past three years due to various logistical and financial reasons is now finally being picked up and is expected to be opened by mid-June. 

The Project

The Mogarkasa area is a verdant span of green with huge tourism potential. This eco-tourism project which was conceptualised in 2020, will have six eco huts for travellers that would allow them to stay near the lake inside the forest reserve. Spread around some 16 sq km, this forest reserve falls in the tourism circuits of Ramdham-Ramtek-Nagardhan-Mogarkasa-Pench, which lends it an accessible tag that tourists can easily explore. 

Verdant Forest

The mixed forest is abundant in teak, bamboo, ain, salai and many other trees and is a paradise for bird watchers. Since the area is replete with wildlife such as tigers, leopards, sambars, sloth bears, spotted deer and many others, there are also going to be provisions for safari in the upcoming eco-tourism park.

Tourism Potential

There isn't much development around the area, and with this new eco-project, the possibility of Mogarkasa becoming a tourist hub is strong. With the beautiful lush greenery of the place and the thriving flora and fauna, it sure is an ideal spot to venture into for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. With the building of the huts, easy accommodation will be available, and the safaris would add to your travel itinerary well. 

Getting there Reach Nagpur and drive for some 60 km to Paoni on the Nagpur-Jabalpur highway, from where you take a right to Hiwra to reach Mogarkasa.

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