JamduarGateway To Hell

You have heard of the mysterious 'Burning Hells' of Turkmenistan's 'Darwaza,' but have you heard of the 'Gateway to Hell' in Jamduar
According to some local elders, there is a kingdom inside the cave
According to some local elders, there is a kingdom inside the cave

Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia and many tourists travel to the country every year to visit the 'Gateway of Hell'. There is a cave in Darwaza, Turkmenistan,which is constantly emitting hot gas like a volcano. We have read in scripture or heard from our elders well described the burning fire that punishes sinners in hell, So perhaps inspired by same kind of contemplation this cave of fire is called the 'Gate of Hell', entering where one will never return, instead burns in an instant.

There is a cave in Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), in the triangular area of Assam, West Bengal and Bhutan, about 70 km far away from Kokrajhar city
in BTR called Jamduar, where no one has returned till now, once entered. According to some local elders, there is a kingdom inside the cave, the kingdom of the water king. According to folklore, many years ago a man from a village in the vicinity went for fishing in the river and unfortunately he fell from the boat in the waves of the river and accidentally entered the cave.

After waiting for a long time, he did not return and at one point his friends thought he was dead and returned to the village in distress. The villagers also performed the rituals of his funeral in due time and in accordance with the customs. Days passed, years everyone forgot about him. After about 7 (seven) years, one day he shocked all the villagers and returned to his village. At first everyone in the village started running wherever they saw him thinking it was a ghost.But the man explained to everyone that he was alive and slowly everyone believed that he was not a ghost. Everyone were eminently curious, where was he all those years What was he doing

He began to explain everyone his stories.He was fishing and drowned in the waves and entered the cave and found a beautiful kingdom underwater. The kingdom of the water Gods and their army captured him and kept him as their servant and they used him for all their necessary work .Time passed and in time all the soldiers were satisfied with his work and understood his grief and sent him back to his home after a long 7 (seven) years.

However, this may be an interesting story that has been created by people's mouths, and it may not be a real story.

Now we have come with some factual facts about Jamduar. Fortunately, we were able to meet Mrs. Nausri Brahma, (wife of former Ranger of Raimona area Late Balendra Chandra Brahma), a great woman from Kokrajhar. She is a woman who along with her group won an award for her Boro traditional dance in front of the then Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on Republic Day in 1957 and in 1976 she wove the map of India at her home.She said that during the British rule, there was a huge strong wooden door in front of the Jamduar cave.And the British sent their troops from time to time to discover what was inside the cave, but to this day not a single soldier has returned from the cave.

After India became independent, many people entered the cave unable to defeat their curiosity. Unfortunately, there are no reports of anyone returning. According to Ms. Brahma, the forest (now Raimona National Park) was flooded in 1972 and the main gate of Jamduar was destroyed and a large part of the cave was damaged. Therefore, the cave is much smaller than before. Till now no one has discovered what is inside the cave. It's still a mystery

By Sanat Kr. Mahanta

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