Did You Know About The Living Waters Museum

The museum is a digital space that visualises water heritage stories
Some exhibits capture Mumbai's multifaceted relationship with water, from the Mithi River to the Arabian Sea
Some exhibits capture Mumbai's multifaceted relationship with water, from the Mithi River to the Arabian Sea

Here are some interesting facts - India has 4% of the world&rsquos water resources, making it a water-rich nation The growth and culture of the nation have been centered on its rivers. Closely related to this, the virtual gallery, Living Waters Museum, motivates&nbspyoung people to visualise water heritage and reimagine fair, inclusive, and sustainable water futures.

Its aim lies in celebrating our water wisdom, encouraging young people to view water from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, and co-create a digital archive that will serve as a repository for future learning. The museum uses visual storytelling on water and its relationship with nature, livelihoods, heritage, and social activities.

A Virtual Exhibit

The interactive and live environment presents our water legacy across time and space with youth, especially those from unprivileged communities, illiterate people, physically disabled lot, and senior citizens. Breaking away from the constraints of physical boundaries, the content is curated across linguistic, cultural, and geographic borders with an approach of collective ownership. Different forms of art, like music, songs, video, photography, prose, and poetry have been used to reflect the local waterscapes and the related concerns. The entire notion of museum has been reinvented as a catalyst for social and behavior change, and in the process, open up potential for eco-tourism and water-related sustainable livelihoods.

Traces of the Living Waters Museum

Various exhibitions have been associated with the online museum. These presentations can be viewed from different lens covering stories like Punyache Paani (Stories of Pune&rsquos Waters), Confluence (Water Stories of Mumbai), Steps of Hope (Stepwells of Ahmedabad), Women, Water & Work, and Water Varta. The displays are designated with individualized websites that explore the different aspects of these stories and offer a beautiful narrative to the virtual space.

To view these exhibitions, go to - https://www.livingwatersmuseum.org/exhibitions

What's Coming Up 

The organisation has planned to expand its reach with the onset of the new year. In 2023, a digital exhibition called The Living Waters of Kolkata will debut, following in the footsteps of projects based on the similar grounds. The project will be led in a similar fashion as the metropolitan waterscapes of Mumbai and Pune.

Another exhibition named Jal Jarokha, aka, window on water will be launched in collaboration with Jodhpur's Mehrangarh Museum Trust. It will have artists, designers, and researchers explore the water heritage dating back to the era of royalty in the Mehrangarh Fort as well as common water practices around the city.

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