Five Reasons To Travel Sustainably With Your Children

On the occasion of Children's Day 2022, we share five reasons that will motivate you to travel sustainably with your kids
Parents should focus on sustainable tourism. Credit Shutterstock
Parents should focus on sustainable tourism. Credit Shutterstock

In today's time, while travelling with kids, parents should focus on sustainable tourism, supporting local experiences, and ethical animal encounters. Parents should choose to travel this way to ensure their trips do not negatively impact the places they visit and to show their kids that they can have memorable adventures together while supporting people, animals and the planet. Thus, on Children's Day 2022, we share a few reasons to travel sustainably with your family.

To show them that other people are just like us
Kids' minds are opened when given a chance to learn about other cultures, particularly while speaking with people who reside in distant locales. The best education in humanity is talking to locals, going on tours with native guides, eating local food, and respecting local customs.

To see animals in their natural environment
Though most zoos participate in conservation initiatives, keep in mind that they are still for-profit establishments. Animals prefer to lead as natural a life as they can. For instance, elephants can be viewed ethically and as closely to their natural habitat in the hills outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Children learn where animals live and what they are like when they go on expeditions like these.

To get a first-hand understanding of environmental issues
Sustainable travel entails accepting responsibility for your carbon footprint and being accountable for it. You might travel with your reusable supplies because you are concerned about contributing to the significant trash problems in many nations. You could alternatively decide to stop encouraging wasteful behaviour or try to ensure that whatever trash you produce is recycled appropriately. On your vacation, your kids might see an endangered species, which is a great opportunity to see a rare animal.

To lend a hand and create a holiday you will never forget
Investing your time towards a cause you care about is a terrific way to travel more sustainably. Numerous trustworthy organisations and even people need assistance. For instance, you could volunteer for a week with the Juara Turtle Project on Tioman Island in Malaysia, which relocates turtle eggs to a secure hatchery and instructs tourists and residents about their conservation.

To learn and grow together
Children learn that we can live anywhere with respect and compassion by accompanying parents on trips. You develop side by side, learning from each other and evolving. These are some of the best life lessons you can provide your children.

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