Delhi Korea Culture and Tourism Festival 2017

All the reasons why you should plan your next trip to South Korea
Delhi  Korea Culture and Tourism Festival 2017

If a visit to South Korea was on your bucket list, the Korea Festival held from 25th to 26th November 2017 at the Ambience Mall, Gurugram would have been enough to nudge you to book your tickets tothe country.

South Korea Tourism brought to NCR a festival that was a glimpse of all that Korea had to offer. A food counter with the best ofKorean delicacies made for one among a diverse set of stalls at the festival. A musical night was dedicated to K-pop which has caught an upward trend in popular music universally and has earned itself a good share of following worldwide. There was also a video gallery that enabled visitors to experience the country's flora, fauna, landscapes and the famed Buddhist monasteries in motion pictures. The arts stall however attracted most of the crowd thanks to immersive activities such as calligraphy, hangul, face and mask painting that were on offer. You couldeasily plana trip to Korea at the tourism stall where attendees were being educated about all the must-visit-destinations and how to get there.

Indian travelers are exploring the Asian legacy like never before with an average of 15% growth rate in excursions to neighbouring countries. Nearly 2,00,000 Indians travelled to Korea in 2016 alone.After seeing all thatKorea has to offerduring this festival, it is only certainthat people would want to explore the land and witness its cultural and historical brilliance first-hand.

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