7 Of The World's Most Bizarre Museums

From showcasing bad art to exhibiting celebrity lingerie, here are seven most bizarre museums across the world
The Chez Galip Hair Museum in Avanos, Turkey                                                         John Wreford / Shutterstock
The Chez Galip Hair Museum in Avanos, Turkey John Wreford / Shutterstock

When visiting a city, are you the kind who heads for the museums Do you feel uplifted by paintings, scultures, and installations Museums are generally known to exhibit collections of artifacts and other items with scientific, artistic, cultural, or historical significance. To break the code, here are seven museums with bizarre collections for your travel bucket list.

Museum Of Bad Art, Boston, United States
Any museum proudly showcases its best form of art, suitably pieces that redefine perfection. But this one gives the not-so-perfect artworks a home. And not just any home, they are housed in a well-known, highly visited space in the US. The Massachusetts&rsquo Museum Of Bad Art proudly displays the poorest works of bad art. They have a diverse array of more than 600 pieces of work, ranging from the poorest creations of skilled artists to those whose work might not otherwise be acknowledged or valued.
Address 1250 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02125, United States
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Chez Galip Hair Museum, Avanos, Turkey
Thousands of preserved hairpieces cover the walls at this museum some of these are accompanied by notes and photos. According to the museum&rsquos own records, it currently houses approximately 16,000 samples alongside the owner&rsquos name and address, and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Twice a year, the first customer in Chez Galip&rsquos shop is invited to the Hair Museum to select ten winners from the walls. The winners get a free week&rsquos worth of vacation in Cappadocia, where they also participate in ceramic workshops.
Address Yukarı, No 24, 110. Sk., 50500 Avanos/Nevehir, Turkey
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Cup Noodles Museum, Osaka, Japan
With the creation of Cup Noodles, Ando Momofuku transformed instant noodles, the Japanese creation into a global staple dish. By explaining the history of instant noodles, a new food culture, and Momofuku&rsquos story, the Cup Noodles Museum conveys to its guests the value of innovation and exploration.Wander through the Instant Ramen Tunnel, a passageway stocked with instant noodle packages from around the world. Watch a storytelling performance at the theatre, which is shaped like a cup of noodles. And prepare a noodle meal in a bowl in their kitchen.
Address 8-25 Masumicho, Ikeda, Osaka 563-0041, Japan
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Siriraj Medical Museum, Bangkok, Thailand
The Siriraj Medical Museum is situated on the grounds of Siriraj Hospital, the oldest hospital in Bangkok. This museum is a bit on the gory side. The displays include cracked skulls of murder victims and babies preserved in formaldehyde. Also referred to as the Museum of Death, one can see haemorrhaged brains, amputated and disfigured legs and arms, lungs sliced open by deep knife wounds, and bullet-pierced skulls as visual examples of how bullets appear inside the human head. Not for the faint-hearted, this one.
Address Thanon Wang Lang,&nbspBangkok, Thailand
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Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame, California, United States
The Frederick's Lingerie Museum debuted in 1947 and features a collection of worn items by renowned stage and movie stars. The collection includes Tony Curtis' bra from his infamous cross-dressing role in the film Some Like It Hot and Madonna's famed pointed black and gold bra, amongst others. Other pieces include those worn by Cher, Milton Berle, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. These pieces demonstrate how Frederick's of Hollywood has catered to the famed Hollywood set. 
Address 6608 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California, United States
Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malacca, Malaysia
This museum displays different beauty concepts used by various cultures from antiquity to the present day. Skin tattooing, lip stretching with round disc insertions, teeth feeling, sacrification, head molding into oval forms, and growth restriction of the feet are just a few of the various notions of beauty. The exhibits focus on alterations done to the female body to maintain the concept of beauty. These displays show the suffering and pain women have to go through to achieve the ideal beauty standards set by different cultures.
Address Jln Kota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Oldest Sex Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Located in the city center, the Venustempel (Temple of Venus) is known as the first and oldest sex museum globally. The museum has a vast collection of images, audio recordings, photos, paintings, and artifacts that visitors can explore to learn more about how human sexuality has changed over time. The exhibits show how sex was perceived throughout ancient civilisations, from Cleopatra's male regiment to the Romans' orgies to the oppressive Middle Ages.
Address Damrak 18, 1012 LH Amsterdam, Netherlands

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