So You Want To See Cherry Blossoms

Spring certainly isnt far behind when youre planning to see cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms are just around the corner in Japan
Cherry blossoms are just around the corner in Japan

So you want to see the cherry blossoms bloom. The flowers&mdasha fleeting, elusive thing&mdashspring into action for a brief period of time, mostly a few days in a year. So how do you get a hold of them And where do you have to go 

Japan&nbsphas become synonymous with its cherry blossom flowers. For a phenomenon which only comes into bloom once a year, and lasts no more than seven days before wilting away, that says a lot. The reason for its popularity is the sheer magnitude in its beauty. These gentle pink flowers burst into colour across the length of this southeast Asian country, from its island of Okinawa to the topmost region to Hokkaido. Some of the more popular cities include Fukuoka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, among others. Believe in such a thing as a &lsquoright place and a right time&rsquo So do the experts in Japan who have devised a cherry blossom forecast in an attempt to predict the dates for blooming in different cities of Japan. You can take a look at it here &nbspto plan your trip around the event.

In the United StatesWashington DC&nbsptakes the lead as it springs forth (quite literally) with cherry blossom flowers. The blooming takes place between March and April, as soon as the weather takes a turn from chilly to a more bearable moderate. While the experience isn&rsquot quite as quaint as the one in Japan, the flowers loom larger than life whether you&rsquore going for a walk around the Tidal Basin, Capitol District, add more places, etc.

Paris&nbspnever fails to look its prettiest best, and its almost unfair that the city experiences cherry blossoms too. It&rsquos in the springtime, somewhere between the ides of March and the end of April, that pastel colours run amok every rue and coin in the city.

If France has got blossoms, can Spain be left out The Jerte Valley is covered with cherry blossoms for ten months in spring, and is a sight to behold. While you can go and visit the valley, you can also go skiing there with over a million cherry blossom trees planted. Sounds wonderful, doesn&rsquot it

While the world wonders if spring is far behind, the trees in Shillong. India&nbspquietly turn pink, making it the world&rsquos only autumnal&nbspblooming of the cherry blossoms.&nbspUsually arriving in the month of November, the city celebrates with a whole festival dedicated to  the flower.

Other places where you can catch the flowers Vancouver, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and South Korea, among others

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