What Makes Gothenburg The World's Most Sustainable Destination

This Swedish city is setting an example through its sustainable initiatives and eco-friendly way of life.
Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city and the world's most sustainable destination
Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city and the world's most sustainable destination

Sweden's second-largest city, Gothenburg, has ranked first in the Global Destination Sustainability Index six times in a row. In addition, in 2021, Lonely Planet also named it the world's Best Sustainable City Stay. 

This idyllic nordic city is not just known for innovative eco-friendly stays and experiences, but rather the way it deals with sustainability issues provides a roadmap for many countries to follow suit. From restaurants and hotels to public transport, Gothenburg has successfully reimagined it in sustainable ways as the region aims to be fossil-independent by 2030. 

What And Where To Eat 

In Gothenburg, there are many restaurants and pubs offering sustainable food and drink options. They ensure to source locally produced ingredients that are organic. However, this is accompanied by unique experiences&ndashthe massive Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant, Upper House, is entirely powered by wind power. Even the restaurant waste here is composed and converted into biogas, which is then used as fuel for cooking. Another fantastic spot is L's Resto&ndashthe menu keeps changing according to what's in season, and the carbon footprint generated is mentioned on the menu next to each dish. 

Another place where you can relish a sustainable meal in Gothenburg is Vra&ndasha pop-up restaurant serving Japanese cuisine using sustainably sourced ingredients. If you are a vegetarian, there's no reason to fret&ndashGothenburg is well-known for offering vegan and plant-based delicacies, especially restaurant Natur. 

Green Hotels Of Gothenburg

Gothenburg also is famed for being one of the greenest hotel cities in the world. As per reports, 95 per cent of the city's hotels are eco-friendly and climate-conscious. The most renowned is Hotel Eggers&ndashit opened its doors to guests in 1868, making it the oldest hotel still operating in Sweden. For electricity, this and its sister hotels rely entirely on power generated by their very own wind turbines. 

The best way to choose a sustainable stay would be to look for certifications such as the Nordic Swan ecolabel or Green Key&ndashmost hotels feature these certifications. The best areas to stay in Gothenburg would be either in the old city area, known as Haga or the city centre, Centrum. 

Vintage Lover's Paradise 

If you love the charm of second-hand and vintage clothes, Gothenburg is the best place to find them. Gothenburg is big on building a circular economy therefore, you will find many stores and boutiques here that allows you to resell and rent or loan clothes, accessories and more. Myrorna, Sweden's largest second-hand chain store, has two outlets. You can find everything from toys and clothes to household items and furniture in excellent condition here. 

Getting Around Gothenburg

The best way to get around Gothenburg would be via its impressive public transport&ndashyou can choose from electric buses, cars and trams. The public transport system here is absolutely seamless&ndashyou can purchase a ticket or travelling card from one of the public transport operator V&aumlsttrafik's sales outlets this can be used to pay for any public transport you take. A single ticket is available for 35 SEK. However, you can also purchase tickets when you board any bus, tram or ferry. You should download the "V&aumlsttrafik To Go" app, where you can make your transactions, check routes and get other information like timings, stops, etc. 

Visit the official website for more information https://www.goteborg.com/en

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