Say "Happy New Year" At These Unique Destinations

From bundling up inside an ice hotel to walking across the Niagara Falls, make your New Year fabulous with these offbeat experiences
Onemount National Park in South Korea
Onemount National Park in South Korea

The festive season is truly under way as December enters its final two weeks. With Christmas fast approaching and the New Year soon to follow, there is excitement building up for the holidays. Many might have already made their plans, but there will be many of you who have no clue what to actually do. I know that while a lot of you would like to be bundled up in eight layers snuggled up under a warm blanket, check this list out for a list of experiences for which you would definitely want to leave your cosy shelters. 

Stay in an Ice Hotel in Sweden

Rebuilt for the winter season every year in the Swedish village of Jukkasj&aumlrvi, the ice hotel has chairs and beds constructed from ice blocks gathered from the Torne River.&nbspArtists from everywhere are invited to decorate these rooms of ice sculptures The temperature within the confines of this marvellous shelter stays at -5 Degrees Celsius. Unbelievably, this hotel hosts several weddings here as well, among other events. 

Discover more about the Icehotel and make your bookings here.

Hiking the Swiss Alps

The touristy town of Zermatt in Switzerland is best known for skiing, hiking, and climbing. In touch of the Swiss Alps, this small Swiss town is the&nbspperfect location to start your expedition of the snow-capped Alps. You can enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery, frozen waterfalls, glaciers, and the unique wildlife all around this extraordinary region. The view of the Matterhorn and the Zmutt glacier from the peak will leave you spell-bound. What better way to begin your New year

Explore the Peaks of Svaneti, Georgia

The historic province of Svaneti in the small nation of Georgia, once part of the great Soviet Union, is dominated by a landscape of mountains separated by deep gorges. Absolutely surreal, these landscapes are one are a UNESCO World Heritage Site,whose&nbsparchitectural treasures of the region will take you a couple centuries back. These famous Svanetian tower houses date back to the 12th century and are prime examples of Svan culture. 

A snowy South Korean New Year 

An Asian New Year awaits you in South Korea's largest indoor winter theme park at the Onemount Snow Park. Engage in fun activities like dog-sledging, ice-skating, and ice-bowling. You can watch aurora and ice shows at this magical winter land. About an hour's ride from the South Korean capital of Seoul, the park is at Gyeonggi-do. 

Experience Surreal Beauty at Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

One of the highest lakes in the world, Gurundongmar Lake is considered sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs. The cherry on top of Sikkim's undeniable beauty, the lake is surrounded by snow clad mountains and is brimming with crystal clear icy water. The lake which can be reached by road connected by Lachen is said to be blessed by Guru Nanak all the way back in the 15th century. On your way, you'll also see an alpine covered with a series of gorgeous Rhododendron trees.

Helicoptering Over the Niagara Falls, Canada

The Niagara Falls are a thing of beauty during warm summers, but they form an even more incredible sight during the bitter winters. The mist from the falls covers the surroundings offering a dreamland vision. A glorious rainbow adds to the glitter of the location is something beyond surreal. The Niagara Ice Bridge, formed entirely of ice presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with layers and layers of snow covering it from all sides with the backdrop of the gorgeous falls. Book your helicopter ride here.

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