Tushar Mehrishi's Casa Lontano Brings You A Home Away From Home Experience

Looking for a quiet retreat or a relaxing staycation Look no further. Surround yourself with solitude and immerse yourself in warmth at these stays in Goa and Delhi NCR
Tushar Mehrishi's Casa Lontano Brings You A Home Away From Home Experience
Tushar Mehrishi's Casa Lontano Brings You A Home Away From Home Experience

When you have spent 15 glorious years seamlessly manoeuvring through the complexities of the corporate law industry, what's next Most would adjust their aim and try to clinch the shiny 20-year title. Not Tushar Mehrishi. Having been bitten by the travel bug pretty early on, he decided to shift gears and steer towards an entirely new direction by setting up Casa Lontano, which has two beautiful rental properties in Goa and Delhi under it. Although law and hospitality may seem poles apart, Tushar's more-than-a-decade-long experience had prepared him for it. He says, "the two big things that these fifteen years taught me is discipline, which I have transferred to my new life, and also, I have realised how much legal skills help, especially now that I am on the outside."   

In A New Direction

If this seems like a risk, then the fact that Tushar started his venture amid the pandemic raises it to the next level. But if, after 15 years, changing courses in his career does not intimidate him, then it is no doubt that straddling through the difficulties the hospitality industry was struck by during the last two years was no big deal. He confidently says, "I always had the notion that I want to do this. I was always clear that if there was one thing going to rebound big time, it was tourism. I always say this, and I have always lived my life like that&ndashthere's never really a right time. Life has its own plans." With that belief, Tushar is now looking forward to adding two more properties to his list&ndashone in Himachal Pradesh and the other in Rajasthan&ndashsoon. 

Even when there were challenges, Tushar's passion for offering a worthwhile experience to the guests had him do it all, and he says so himself "sometimes you have to get down and dirty. There have been times where there's a big check-in the next day, and I had no help, so I have done everything from sweeping the floor to cleaning up on my own. You've got to do what you've got to do." It is no surprise that every corner of his Delhi and Goa homestay is coloured in warmth and love and that he has already earned the title of a Superhost on Airbnb.   

Just Like Home In Goa

The villa comes with impressive amenities like a community pool, accesble to guests  

He set his first property in Goa&ndashthe haven for all types of travellers and holidays. Located in Betalbatim, his quaint and spacious three-bedroom villa cuts through the neon-coloured vibe of Goa. It's a tastefully done-up house that cradles you in warmth and serenity. Interestingly, just like Tushar himself, the house is all about defying the usual expectations&ndashthe decor is reminiscent of his Rajasthani roots.

The interiors exude warmth and are reminiscent of Tushar's Rajasthani roots 

Block print fabric upholstery and a bright colour palette instead of the typical Goan-villa interiors grace the home. Elaborating further on this aspect of the house, he says, "it looks very Goan from the outside, but it's very open inside. I didn't fall trap to the usual. Some guests say it too&ndashhow it looks very Goan, but once you walk in, it feels like home". The famed Sunset beach and the iconic Martin's Corner are just a seven-minute walk away&ndashbut Maria, the in-house Goan cook, will ensure you get your fix of vindaloo right when you want it. The caretaker of the house, Sujeet, is also extremely helpful and has gained quite a fan following among all the visitors. Rest assured that you will be well-rested and well-fed during your stay here. 

A Serene Escape

The same feeling of residing in a cocoon of luxury and serenity flows through his farm stay in Delhi NCR. Nestled in the open fields a little ahead of Gurgaon, this spacious two-bedroom cottage makes for a perfect getaway over a long weekend. The green and well-manicured lawn lead into the open space inside and to the swimming pool&ndashdesigned to help you unwind. Tushar says, "it is centrally located, yet cut off. It is also pet-friendly and gives people a sense of space".

The interiors are thoughtfully curated to make you feel at home

A special mention to the home's trusted caretaker Mr Dayaram and his family, who go to any length to ensure you have a comfortable stay. The spacious farm stay also has enough space to host many events or large groups of people over the weekend. 

To book your next staycation at one of these two beautiful properties, visit their website-  https://tmehrishi.wixsite.com/casa-lontano-2

Or find them on Airbnb- 

Goa https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/39934917preview_for_ml=true&ampsource_impression_id=p3_1665731986_oQA3XDgejW9HupgW

Delhi NCR 


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