Toss A Coin For The Witcher And Its Stunning Film Locations

The Witcher is a popular TV series based on Andrzej Sapkowskis novels of the same name. From Cintra to the Aretuza Magical Academy, here is a short guide to the series' filming locations
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&ldquoThe Witcher&rdquo is a popular television show that stars Henry Cavil as the brooding Geralt of Rivia. Back for season 3, it is an instant hit in India. Apart from distinct storytelling and epic themes, this fantasy series is also famous for locations that seem straight out of a fairyland. If you&rsquove always been curious about snowcapped mountains and lone castles from this series, here is your guide to visiting the same.  

Roque de Santo Domingo, Spain

Aretuza, the magical school of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, can be likened to The Witcher's version of Hogwarts. The Tower of the Gull, also known as Tor Lara, holds the title of the most powerful location on the entire continent. Tor Lara, or the Tower of the Gull, was brought into existence through the enchantment of digital magic upon the Roque de Santo Domingo in Garaf&iacutea. This rocky islet stands proudly off the northwestern coast of La Palma, the same island where the volcanic eruption occurred in 2021 in the Canary Islands, Spain. In episode two, the scenes featuring Geralt and the bard Jaskier (Joey Batey) journeying through arid landscapes were captured in the breathtaking Barranco de Fataga on the island of Gran Canaria.

Trujillo, Spain 

The region where the capital of the Witcher&rsquos, Cintra, comes to life in Trujillo, nestled in the heart of Spain. On reaching Trujillo, you must visit the site of the Trujillo Castle. With its majestic and sturdy walls and royal presence, the castle serves as Cintra&rsquos Royal palace in The Witcher. While strolling through the cobblestone streets of Trujillo, you will find yourself back in time. The streets, with stunning cottages and mansions, exude a charm that perfectly captures the essence of Cintra. Do not forget to immerse yourself in the region&rsquos vibrant culture by exploring its town square, museums and galleries. Apart from that, engaging with the local community of Trujillo would help us gain insight into The Witcher&rsquos mythical folklore.The region of Trujillo truly captures the essence of Cintra and The Witcher, transporting to you a realm of charm, chivalry and royalty, where the kings and queens reigned, heroes were born, and destiny unfolded for many. 

Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland

Situated in Podzamcze, the enchanting Ogrodzieniec castle, with its dramatic setting and medieval architecture, has featured the castle in several scenes of The Witcher. In addition to the castle, several other picturesque landscapes of Poland have been featured in the show. The majestic towering walls, towers and intricate medieval architecture will transport you to the era of mythical creatures and knights. While exploring the castle&rsquos courtyards and underground chambers, you can easily imagine the Witchers honing their skills or preparing for amazing adventures. The stunning views from the Ogrodzieniec castle will leave you enchanted. Watching the lush hills and forests, you can imagine the witchers venturing on their adventures and quests across mystical lands. 

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