Outlook Traveller Writers Pick Best Places To Visit In 2023

We asked our writers to tell us about the holiday they have been dreaming about and here is the curated list of 12 places for 12 months that they gave us
With dizzying altitudes and wild festivals like the Oruro Carnival, Bolivia should be on everybody's radar. Credit Shutterstock
With dizzying altitudes and wild festivals like the Oruro Carnival, Bolivia should be on everybody's radar. Credit Shutterstock

As the first month of the new year is winding down, we cannot plan our travel bucket list fast enough. With so many places and so little time, we asked our writers to pick the places they wanted to visit this year.

Sri Lanka 

Columbo is budget-friendly, with great food and balmy weather, which is perfect if you wish to flee from the severe cold of the north. 


Block your summer calendars from May until October for the Whale Watching Fest down under at Gold Coast for a spectacular experience. We recommend booking tickets early for a cheaper fare. 


This one is a perfect getaway for all the sports enthusiasts out there. In Azerbaijan's capital city of Baku, you can witness the thrill of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which takes place towards the end of April.


Many newlyweds prefer to go to Maldives or Thailand for postcard-esque pictures and memories to mull over in posterity. However, if you want to avoid the overcrowded streets and overbooked hotels and instead require some quiet quality time with your partner, try the Fiji islands of Oceania. With clear lagoons and palm-lined secluded beaches, Fiji makes for one of the most amazing hidden gems for travellers.


Street food, bustling market, easy on the pockets. Do you want us to say anything more Roam about the streets of Laos fringed with buildings sporting French colonial architecture while you munch on some of the most sought-after street food in the world.


Bhutan is a nature lover's paradise with a brilliant green cover and beautiful terrains. Go on nature trails and hikes, and check out quaint cafes atop craggy jade peaks. Bonus point- if you're visiting in April, you can be a part of the Paro Tshechu festival, which is full of music, dance and traditional songs, and lots of food.


Sapporo Snow festival in the capital of the country's Hokkaido district is one of Japan's major festivals, taking place in February. The annual festival has been running for the past 70 years and has gorgeous winter wonderlands across Sapporo's parks and fairgrounds. Check out immaculate ice sculptures from artists around the world in the International Snow Sculpture Contest as you sip Sapporo beer, the oldest beer brand in Japan that originated in the city.


One reason just isn't enough to visit this beautiful South American country. With dizzying altitudes and wild festivals like the Oruro Carnival, Bolivia should be on everybody's radar. Plus, Route 36, the world's only travelling cocaine bar, also hides in plain sight amidst the mighty Andes just saying.


Meghalaya's capital is home to some of the best-kept gardens and lakes and is a melting pot of the indigenous cultures of India. Shillong also hosts the Cherry Blossom festival in November, which has gained momentum lately with more people getting to know about it through social media. Witness the beautiful blooms and create memories that pictures can't quite capture.


The Z&uumlri F&aumlscht, or Z&uumlrich fest, is considered Switzerland's largest summer festival. A typical summer party with lots of food, music, fireworks and millions of attendees, the Z&uumlrich fest boats of several adventure sports for water and air, carnival rides spread across an enormous fairground, coupled with summery music. Starting in 1951, this summer carnival takes place every three years during the first weeks of July. This year it will be held between 7th and 9th July.


Crowned as the world's most sustainable city to stay in in 2021, Gothenburg in Sweden is a completely green city. With the city's climate target of becoming fossil-independent by 2030, it is doing things to promote a completely green approach to living. Things like following a circular economy where shared, vintage buying and selling among locals is prevalent, locally produced vegetarian and vegan food and drinks, and eco-certified city hotels, are part of their lifestyles. It is also the world's first city to issue Green Bonds for accelerating investments in climate-oriented solutions. 


Visiting Germany could make you relax with a cleaner and greener conscience since the country is all about sustainable travelling now. If you are rounding off the year, visit the country in December for its glittery Christmas markets and great food. Plan an extended stay and indulge in the locals' way by using public transport and having fresh local food. It could be a resolute start to a new, environmentally sensitive year.

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